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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD 2015 predictions thread

PS4 - 1.4M
XBO - 1.2M
WiiU - 350K
3DS - 350K

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[PS4] 1.2m
[XBO] 900K
[WiiU] 250K
[3DS] 200K

[PS4] 1.3m
[XBO] 1.15m
[WiiU] 305k
[3DS] 240k

jason1637 said:

ps4- 1.1m

wII U- 380k

After seing vgchartz numbers for the US changing my predictions.



WU- 300k


I normally stay out of these threads but what the hey.

PS4 - 1.3 mil
Xbone - 1.1 mil
WiiU - 320k
3DS - 340k

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ryuzaki57 said:
[PS4] 1.2m
[XBO] 900K
[WiiU] 250K
[3DS] 200K

Ruyuzaki... lol


I can justify my opinion but when things are obvious, reasoning is superfluous...

Don't you want to revise that...Better not to label it...

Ι care for you own prediction skills reputation.

PS4: 1.13m
Xbox One 1.05m
Wii U: 420k
3DS 560k
Vita: 70k

Teeqoz said:
PS4: 1120k
XBO: 960k
Wii U: 320k
3DS: 450k


Wow, friggin RIP my preductor skills lol

Now we need that December prediction thread..

Roronaa_chan said:
Now we need that December prediction thread..

yes, but the PS4 wins in every country in the world versus the xbox1. ^^

i think, the PS4 wins again in december :) a funny gif because the last november ^^

ps. i like your "atelier avatar". it was a great time, in the past : D