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Final weekly rankings

Week 1 (Nov. 2nd-8th)

#14 PS4 CoD
#20 PS4 NDC
#24 PS4 Star Wars Special
#28 PS4 Star Wars Standard
#29 XBO Gears
#36 XBO Fallout 4
#43 XBO 3 Games
#51 XBO Madden
#82 XBO + Kinect + 3 Games
#92 XBO Halo 5

Week 2 (Nov. 9th-15th)

#13 PS4 SW Standard
#18 PS4 SW Special
#20 PS4 NDC
#24 PS4 CoD
#30 XBO Fallout 4
#53 XBO Gears
#73 XBO Madden

Week 3 (Nov. 16th-22nd)

#10 PS4 SW Standard
#20 XBO Gears
#23 PS4 SW Special
#25 PS4 CoD
#31 XBO Fallout 4
#46 XBO + 3 Games
#52 PS4 NDC
#92 XBO Madden
#93 3DS

 Week 4 (Nov. 23rd-29th)

#1 PS4 NDC physical copy
#5 XBO Gears
#19 PS4 Star Wars Standard
#22 XBO 3 games
#30 N3DS
#57 PS4 CoD
#61 XBO Fallout 4
#63 WiiU MK8
#65 PS4 NDC
#91 XBO Lego Movie Game

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If Amazon remains accurate, X1 may be in for a tough month. Even the regular Star Wars bundle has been comfortably ahead of the Fallout bundle, which I assume MS deem their biggest sku for the majority of the month before BF. Star Wars LE bundle preorders seem well ahead of the Halo bundle, and Cod may get close to Halo numbers as well, although I think it will be a bit short.

Does anyone remember last November when MS announced/released all those bundles and X1 was outselling PS4 4/5:1? Nothing they have this year comes close to the value of the Ass Creed bundle.



hoggin' all the action, I see...

I wonder if COD PS4 bundles pre orders are comparable to Halo 5's . Its moving up the charts now.

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2 hours since the last update:

#14 PS4 Black Ops Bundle (up 3)
#17 PS4 Nathan Drake Bundle (down 2)
#26 PS4 Star Wars Bundle (down 1)
#40 XB1 Halo Bundle (down 5)
#45 PS4 Star Wars Standard Bundle (up 5)
#53 XB1 Fallout Bundle (up 2)
#63 XB1 Kinect Bundle (down 4)
#70 XB1 Gears Bundle (down 10)
#82 PS4 Destiny Bundle (down 1)
#86 PS4 Fool's Edition (down 3)
#87 XB1 Forza Bundle (down 2)
#98 XB1 Madden Bundle (same)

PS4 - 5 bundles, 5 in the top 100 (plus standalone)
XB1 - 11 bundles, 6 in the top 100

Looks like it's heading for 4 PS4 Bundles at the top with the Fallout Bundle pushing its way up the charts. Will the Fallout Bundle break into those top 4?


The PS5 Exists. 

See you got the thread. It's all bullshit but whatever. Shadow, make sure you look like you want to be in this thread and not for the views unlike the last thread.

GribbleGrunger said:

#14 PS4 Black Ops Bundle (up 3)

We have a new bestselling bundle

tagged but wont put to much thought on the rankings considering this is the BF month and that day alone take most of the sales.