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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Possible Halo Reach Remaster coming?

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Do you think Halo Reach would get a proper Remaster?

Yes 16 53.33%
No 10 33.33%
See Results.. 4 13.33%

Checking on Halo Universe and i found a photo that looked alittle intresting, it was a unproferssional photo taken of a poster including 3 Halo games, Halo 5 Gaurdians, Halo Wars 2 and Halo Reach Remasterd, which it could be just a hoax. However it made me wonder if there could be a possible Halo Reach Remaster in the works after Halo 5? SInce Halo 6 wont be expected until 2017+ i would have a good guess that there will be a Halo game to cover 2016 that wont be Halo Wars 2. Halo Reach would be fantastic, its one of the best FPS games i have ever played and definitly in my top 3 Halo games of all time. It was a Halo game that proved you dont need the Chief to star in it to make it successful.

Thoughts on Halo Reach hitting the XB1? SInce Reach isnt apart of the Master Chief Collection (excluding ODST since its a Halo 3 Expansion) it makes sense to release it as a separete game similar to Gears of War Ultimate. It would be good if Reach gets a similar Remaster job done to it like Gears UE instead of just a straight up port at 1080/60 because it will be a hard sell since BC is availabel for the X1 and Reach is one of those games available for the BC program. It might be worth a purchase if the game had more of a make-over with dedicated servers etc.


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Would be interesting, but I think they should just add it as DLC to Masterchief Collection.

Would love that. Hope it happens.

Although in like 2017 would be best imo.

People will be annoyed it's not part of the collection, like ODST was added as DLC for a very good price. How do you then go and ask $30 for Reach on it's own, it would seem strange to me.

For the record I hope they add Halo Wars as DLC too. If it's the best package there can be, it will get more long-term sales, although that's not likely to be too many now.

And Reach will be available dirt cheap through 360 BC, so it will need to get the "Anniversary" treatment (I.E extensive remaster as opposed to 'just' a 1080p60 port of the original).

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I loved reach. It has the best story and atmosphere in a halo game in my opinion. But I feel like most halo fans didn't enjoy it that much.

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Enough remasters. They've already made it available with BC and anyone interested in the game has probably already got it.


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Include it together with Halo Wars in the Halo Wars 2 release, that would be enough.

I would love this so much. Would be nice to see all Halo games in the MCC.

Halo Reach is the only one i havent played. What is it about btw?

jason1637 said:
Halo Reach is the only one i havent played. What is it about btw?

It's what happens before the original Halo game. 

Reach is a planet where human have set up a colonly.  There are having some troubles with rebels and they send in a team of spartans.  You are part of that team.

There is no Master Chief / Cortana relationship, so I could see how some fans didn't like it as it is very different.  It's more a team game, and you get to know the other players and see your character interact with them in the cut scenes. 

I really liked the game, and if you know about the Halo world it takes on some extra weight with all that happens in the game. 


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