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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Phil Spencer says OG Xbox Games on Xbone Could Happen

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Phil Spencer, stop it... It's not even my birthday...


Xbone... the new "N" word   Apparently I troll MS now | Evidence | Evidence
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I wonder if that means the Harry Potter game will now run at x400% speed.

That would be awesome




That's be amazing.


if will happen.

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Of coarse it can!

Wonderful news for XBox loyalists, Sony could make physical PS1/PS2/PSP emulation easily to compete, but I think they'll wait until they need it.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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If they do it I hope it will not be limited to titles that were bc on the Xbox 360. I want to play my copy of timesplitter future perfect again so badly.

Ode to a masterpiece

2023 so much great game to play, somehow I know I must walk that alley, but don't you feel in disarray, I'll always come back to you Stardew Valley.

That would bring proper meaning to 'Xbox One'.

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

There's only 2 races: White and 'Political Agenda'
2 Genders: Male and 'Political Agenda'
2 Hairstyles for female characters: Long and 'Political Agenda'
2 Sexualities: Straight and 'Political Agenda'

All in 1 lol