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Forums - Sony Discussion - What do you think about an hypothetical remaster of Demon's Souls on PS4?

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Would you buy Demons's Souls Remastered on PS4?

Yes 95 61.69%
No 43 27.92%
I dunno 16 10.39%

After the critical and commercial success of Bloodborne on PS4 I think a Demon's Souls remaster would be perfect on PS4.

Would you buy it? At what price?

Does this game need gameplay improvement? I just began playing the game on PS3, but I would much prefer playing the game on PS4 with a definitive edition.

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Don't need it honestly.

Its unnecessary.

I think there are enough remasters this gen so it isn't needed.


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Console exclusive should all be remastered. Sony owns the IP of demon souls so you will never be able to play it in 1080p 60 frames on PC. Thats why i am all for exclusives being remastered so there is a definitive version out there

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PS4 has enough remasters. I still have my PS3, so I don't really want anymore remasters from PS3 games.

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I would welcome a remaster although I already own 3 versions of the game. Should be 40€ max though.

MoHasanie said:
I think there are enough remasters this gen so it isn't needed.

Many PS4 owners didn't own a PS3. And remaster or not, the most important is that it's an excellent game. And we need more good games.

It's probably not necessary really but a combo of Demon Souls and Dark Souls remastered would be excellent. The original Dark Souls remains my favourite.

Yes of course never had the chance to play it