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Forums - Website Topics - VGChartz is now 2 months behind in data!

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i dont believe there coming back


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2 months of PS4 games beasting not recorded :(

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I can't wait till we get to celebrate the 1 year anniversary without sales. We live in the era of the eternal March 28th

Just when vgc was getting more and more popular too. A youtube channel called "the know" used vgc for a few of their videos but at this rate, they probably will stop


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Eh, you agreed... but imo, is better a site withouth numbers than a site with terrible tracking...

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I still come here daily to check, but I am really getting bored of just reading the forum posts... I don't know who runs this website, and if there is some kind of personal reason as to why this site has not been updated.

At the end of the day, this website has quite a bit of visitors each day, and the owner should have either poster about an absence or appointed someone else as a second to take over duties.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

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One of the major reasons I joined was so I could get sales info and the forum all in one place. Crap.

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The funny thing is every time someone makes one of these threads the numbers actually are updated shortly. As if they're waiting for it. In before update tomorrow.

This is a joke thread, but the problem is quite serious.
There are changes looming. Will the site be able to rely on its staple sources, or have to switch to new ones. If so, who? Will will we be able to get 2 months of data with new sources? Will the site be forced to omit those readings?
If this site is going to sustain, major decisions must be made.

All I can do is think aloud, I lack so much information to make an informed decision in regards to this site...