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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So what happened with Zelda Twilight Princess on the N3DS?

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There were some rumours that said that intendo was going to release TP for the N3DS. Was that confirmed, disconfirmed or nobody knows yet?

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A twillight princess remake is a safe bet.But I don't believe that it will be for 3ds.Majora's Mask came to 3ds because they had the engine ready from ocarina of time 3ds.To make twilight princess they will need to work from the beggining once again so I don't think that they'll bother doing this on this gen.

not now.
i can see it coming to next handheld and home console. but not at launch.

I am hoping so hard the rumors are false.

I don't want to miss out - and I would like it best if TP was remade for launch of next Home Console.(unless the handheld is very amazing too, then I won't mind)

rumor - Nintendo will not confirm something like this in the middle of a Majoras Mask launch.



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I have never heard of this rumour, apart from someone saying there is a rumour about it, on here.

I really dont think it will be made. I am sure a new Zelda will be on the 3DS, then maybe a remaster on the next console, maybe.

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Zeldainformer is what happened. Rumors from that place never come to fruition.

With that said, Twilight Princess will probably be available next gen.

A TP remake is bound to happen, but we don't really know when and on what platform!

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What happened is that it was never a real thing. There's no way there will be a Twilight Princess port on 3DS.

I'd say after Majora's Mask, Zelda on 3DS is done. Efforts for handheld games are now probably going to shift to the successor, in what shape or form it may take. We got two remakes and a new original game, three games on one system is a lot for this series. That only happened on GameCube if you count Four Swords Adventures and GameBoy if you count it and the GameBoy Color as the same system (then that would have actually gotten four in fact).

I would rather have that one on a console than on the 3DS so I hope this is just a rumor

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