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Would you enjoy the forums having keyboard navigation (J/K to move up and down a post)?

I'd like that A LOT! 24 22.86%
It would be nice to have 24 22.86%
I don't think I'd use it 30 28.57%
Not really 16 15.24%
See results 10 9.52%

Hey there VGChartzians,

As some of you might know, there’s some pretty big changes coming ahead for VGC (you can read all about it in Machina’s fine thread) and I’ll have my part to play in those changes.As of right now, I’m working on merging gamrReview back into VGChartz and also doing some forum fixes on the side.

While I’m aware of a good chunk of the forum bugs, there’s bound to be some I have missed or forgotten about so the purpose of this thread is to:

1) Allow users to report bugs they’ve experienced or suggest new features they think could improve the forums. Of course, priority will be given to bugs over new features.

2) Keep everyone posted on the latest fixes and additions made to the site.

A little disclaimer before I go further: I’ll be working on the site during my free time which means I have a limited number of hours to dedicate to the project each week. Also, the merge between garmReview and VGChartz is Brett’s main priority so I’m going to work mostly on that front at first which means the forums fixes might be coming out slowly initially but please be patient and know they are coming!

In the next post, I’ll keep a list of things fixed, known bugs and requested features to keep everyone updated.

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You can no longer post in locked threads.
Quote trees are automatically cut (doesn’t work 100% of the time yet, also I’ll probably be adding a setting allowing users to choose between 2 and 3 quotes as their maximum).
The sub-menu options no longer “hide” under the content of the site.
Ghosts posts in some threads have been removed. Tell me if there's other threads like this
Automatic resize of pictures posted on walls.
Allow embedded videos and basic formatting.
Fixed glitch where it was impossible to reply to a PM with an apostrophe.
Fixed glitch where PMs with only special characters were impossible to open.
Links in post history, don’t take you directly to the post but only in the thread.
Instant formatting of Twitter links
Option to see accurate timestamps
Getting notifications for wall posts where you posted without being the original poster.
Submenu to list the articles by category
New section which highlights the feature articles, news, reviews from the VGC staff
Notifications when someone replies to your article comment
Staff page available to help you better know the people who write for VGC.
The yearly charts don't link to 2011 anymore!!!
General discussion is back in the Hot Topics
Multi-quote tool.


Files downloading automatically on mobile.
Glitch with the “<” character hiding the contents of a post.
Special characters unsupported on wall posts.
Unable to delete polls in threads.
Custom sorting of threads creates unwanted result that won't go away unless you clear your cookies.

Additional Features/Potential Ideas

Allow to be removed from a PM chain.
Allow users to tag a thread without having to post in it.
Return to the page with your edited post after an edit (instead of the first page).
Page jumps options.
Keyboard navigation
Last edit tags for posts

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Thank you Trucks!!!!!!!!

Yay you used my name.

Thanks again for all that you do Truck. We all really appreciate your hard work. ^_^

A suggestion: For polls, use votes by account, and not by IP address.

Whoever gets rid of that ghost post in Empire of Dreams get a special gift

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Thanks for the great work Trucks!


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Awesome!! Glad to see that you are making some progress! Keep up the fap worthy work!


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TruckOSaurus is the admin we need

It's awesome to have someone to go to again for these kinds of things!