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Are you a digital or physical person?

Digital 15 12.20%
Physical 59 47.97%
Both equally 5 4.07%
Both but more physical 30 24.39%
Both but more digital 14 11.38%
Ruler said:
episteme said:

PC is all digital, the last physical copy that I bought was the Bioshock Infinite Collector's Edition.

3DS: all physical besides download-only titles and some occcasional free games with Club Nintendo promotions.

Wii U: download-only and multiplayer games that I'll play a lot like SSB or MK8 digital, games that I buy (primarily) for the singleplayer physical. I sometimes buy third party retail games on the eShop when they're dirt cheap. Recently bought Tekken on the eShop and sold the Disk, it's more convenient and I got more money for the Disk.

There are still physical pc games released in germany. Even ff13 will come out in germany for pc in physical form

http://www.amazon.de/Final-Fantasy-Compilation-Software-Pyramide/dp/B00O2SUMZ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422511948&sr=8-1&keywords=final fantasy 13 pc

I know that, the PC sections of German electronic stores are oftenly the biggest gaming section.

But physical copies with DRM aren't interesting for me. I have lots of physical copies (many big boxes) from the 1995-2005 era.

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I have recently decided to go digitally myself. I find now im more cautious on what I buy as I know I cant sell it on if its crap, so it has to be something that really appeals to me (Dying Light), or I know im gonna play alot (Dragon Age)

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Augen said:
pbroy said:

 I too forget which games I already own, but once I find out I have it already, it makes me giddy like a schoolgirl. It's like that feeling of finding money in the sofa. I love browsing through my game library. Knowing I can just play it without putting the disc in makes me happy.

When the world ends and we are all thrown into the matrix where everything is digital, you will wish you had bought your games digital.

That describes about 20% of my steam library (back in the day when PC gamed and bought $1-$5 like candy during steam sales).

I doubt I'll live that long, the robot uprising will likely kill us old farts off and enslave our children in the Matrix. I should make sure they go digital when it hits the fan.

Jajajajajajaja.... Listen here friend, Xbots are being created as we speak. The uprising will start here in the US and they will destroy civilization as we know it. They will jack your ass up (into the Matrix), believe it. It will be soon.They have already started forcing sign-ins and require an internet connection just to play single player games. Just ask S.T.A.G.E..  In Europe the Ponies will also start evolving their Matrix. Only Japan is safe, you better move there if that's how you feel.


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