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I agree. I believe people were expecting a high leap from UC1 to UC2 but since it wasn't like that people probably felt disappointed.

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Yep U3> U2

Uncharted 2 had a more interesting/cohesive Narrative IMO, but gameplay wise Uncharted 3 is king in every regard.

Agreed. I played Uncharted 2 after hearing all the hype and I was surprised to see its actually a pretty average game with a great presentation.

I went into Uncharted 3 expecting more of the same but I loved that one. Its damn near a masterpiece to me.

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Uncharted 2 was a great story with setpieces build around it.. Uncharted 3 was setpieces with a disjointed story trying to piece them together.. made no sense talking about Nate's stolen name and lifetime personal issues, Lawrence of Arabia's death, secret society.... and then completely abandoned right after introducing them... Hints of Talbot being "magical".. and nothing.. And what about the spiders?

And Uncharted 3 had horrible aiming before they patched it.. how they f up that one while they already had it perfect with 2..


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Uncharted 2 has the collapsing building set-piece right? That was pretty fucking awesome! If so, I'd rate 2 over 3

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While playing it, i thought it was better than Uncharted 2. But by the end(when the credits started rolling), i realised that Uncharted 2 was better.

Uncharted 2 had better setpieces; while clichéd, a better villain. A more cohesive story, new characters into the cast and more interesting places to visit in my opinion.


Also, Uncharted 2 features one of the best openings ever; and also, you can customize the campaign with all sort of unlockables extras - two things that are not present in U3.

I loved the Uncharted series apart from...

*spoilers below*

...the supernatural stuff. I feel like the games would be better without. It just seems tacked on and WAY out of place imo. Still a great franchise though.

mii-gamer said:
Uncharted 2 has the collapsing building set-piece right? That was pretty fucking awesome! If so, I'd rate 2 over 3

wasnt that 3 in the end