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I used to be like that, wanting to own every console, kind of grown out of that phase and because there isn't much point in buying every console, I barely have enough time to play the Xbox One let alone PS4 and Wii U.

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I owned PSX, Sega Saturn and N64.   Then PS2, DC, GC and XBox. Then PS3 and 360. I didn't buy Wii, not for me. This gen I only have PS4; so disappointed by X1 and WiiU.  I will buy the next Gen Nintendo Home Console if Nintendo put some more effort in delivering new concepts and ideas.  It' gonna be a day one if they will have a Launch title like Mario 64 was for Nintendo64.   And I'm pretty sure I will buy also the next MS Console; I'm pretty sure that MS have learnt a lesson and will release a better machine after this XOne.  They need a winning formula on Day one, not a 'corrective strategy' after 'corrective strategy' to put patches left and right, up and down, to retrieve something badly conceived since the beginning.

So, back on Topic, I can afford all consoles, but I only buy the ones I do care about, of course.

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gf would kill me.. thats a great reason to not have them all... Now if you would ask me if i would rather spend time with my gf or my consoles.. lets just say I wished one of them also had a power button to shut it off..


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Mystro-Sama said:

I could have all 3 if I really wanted to but what sense would it make? I barely have time for my PS4 and Wii U much less a third console, not to mention I could do something else with the cash. This is the same reason I don't have a gaming PC either.

pretty much this

Space and time have been more important to me than the price of the consoles since I ceased to be a teenager. I tend to stick to PS consoles for continuity and familiarity. I could buy an X1 and Wii U right now but I'm not quite sure what I'd be using them for not to mention I already have so many electronics including a ps3 and Ps4 in my small 1-bedroom apartment.

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Afford all consoles? Easily. Buying a lot of games for all? Same.
But it's a dilemma - when I was young I only had 1 system a gen with only a few games (well, always about 20, though ;)). Then I got my PC and played a lot of games there and discovered emulators which gave me the option to play a hell lot of games. I finished games for the systems I owned but didn't get, finished games from the competition and played shooters and StarCraft on PC. This was the time without much money but a lot of free-time.
Nowadays I have a lot of money but in relation close to no time for gaming

It's their money and their life. I say they should buy whatever the fuck they want!

But there is something you can't buy with money... time.

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I have always bought every system and when you put it into perspective gaming is not an expensive hobby.a $300 to $500 is not that expensive anymore. Hell my electric bills are that much every month in the winter. You buy a console that for the most part gives you at least 5 years of solid gameplay ( outside of the the most underated console ever the Dreamcast ). Then you buy a game for $60 that can give you hundreds of ours of entertainment. Hell you can spend $20 at the movie theater and get an hour and a half out of it.

I envy their wide range of games they like.

As many people here, I could afford all consoled, but what's the point? I don't like Nintendo games, why would I buy a Wii U? I don't like sci-fi shooters, so why would I buy an X1, if most of its exclusives are sci-fi shooters? People who have all consoles must really like all types of games and that's wonderful. Or a sh*t ton of cash. That's something to envy too.

Affording it, really isn't the question imo. Provided you have a steady job, and depending on your pay rate, the possibility to do OT, saving up and purchasing all the consoles, and building your own gaming PC is really a manageable task for a great many people (difficulty level raises as relationships and/or children enter the picture). Really the issue is, how do they find the time? As it is, I spend a ton of time on my PC and PS4, I couldn't really imagine adding in two other systems to that equation. It's not that I don't have the 'time' for that much gaming, it's more that I don't want to invest extra time to it, and I don't want to ration my current time further.

But for those who do, more power to 'em. I don't usually care about what other people do with their time, as long as it follows societies standards (ergo, doesn't harm other people/negatively impact other peoples lives etc...)