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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Order: 1886 at 250K US preorders by release? FW sales prediction?

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What do you think?

250K? Are you kidding? 7 14.29%
It'll do even better! 38 77.55%
It's gonna start going d... 4 8.16%

So upon looking at the US Preorders as of Nov 22nd is at 131K, and is finally starting to increase in preorder numbers week on week. I can honeslty see this having anywhere between 250K to 300K preorders in the US by launch, which, combined with EU and JP sales, could lead to anywhere from 600K to 750K FW sales. Overall, I'd say that's pretty damn good for a brand new IP, and one that's been seeing a fair ammopunt of negativity in it's previews. What do you all think?

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It won't cross 200k FW. Plus I think 250k is still too much. Regardless I am getting it.

daredevil.shark said:
It won't cross 200k FW. Plus I think 250k is still too much. Regardless I am getting it.

 I've got some confidence in it. That and I'm being really hopeful it does well enough for Sony and R@D to justify making it a series. The first one might end up mediocre, but the setting can allow for some amazing sequels, especially if they take the same route ND did with Uncharted.

Regardless, it's one of my top 3 most anticipated for next year and a definite Day 1 buy. :D

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I'm gonna wait for the new preview at the Playstation Event, if it still looks like one giant cutscene with QTE's then I'd be worried.

Should still do above 250k FW in the US though.

Again, don't believe preorders on this site. They are most probably wrong as stated many times before.

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Hopefully it does better. Haven't pre-ordered a game in years, will be a day one purchase for me though if manages scores of 7's and up.

site is wrong
but all sony games have perfomed pretty well
200-300k usa fw ( if 80-90meta)
210k for europe
20k in japan

I expect a great opening, maybe 400K+.

Sales after that depend on how good the game is.

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I'm a bit worried about this game. It really needs to wow at it's next showing (PS Experience) and with it's launch trailer. It needs to show something we haven't seen yet, a bit of diversity and some well constructed game-play sections .

If what we've seen so far is truly the extent of the game, I could see it potentially getting smashed by critics and its legs cut out from underneath it.

So, possibly ~300k first week 1.5-2m lifetime. If it somehow manages to break the recent curse of under-performing games and actually reviews well (80's), it could go higher.


700-800K First week.

2-3m Lifetime.

Hoping for the best.