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Are you hyped for FFXV?

Hell yes! For the PS4! 154 85.08%
Hell yes! For the Xbox One 4 2.21%
Nope... Not hyped. 17 9.39%
Not getting it. 6 3.31%

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FFXV Tech DEMO on PS4.


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People that is saying it is too simplified. Look again.



Final Fantasy XIII had all of 2009-2013 to itself, Final Fantasy XIV is currently dominating 2014, and now Square Enix is on track to release Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to the consumers in 2015. Then finally, Final Fantasy XV will take center stage.

If you're hyped like me then comment below so I'll put you in the car to Hypetown!


New FFXV Info!


  • Dual Audio for Episode Duscae is confirmed. Dual Audio for full game is not confirmed at this time. Hazmer quoted Tabata that they are doing their very best to make it happen.
  • There are many ways to obtain summons. Titan has to be fought, for example.
  • Titan can then be summoned. Does he look like in the trailer when summoned? “You will need to wait to find out”. As Titan is connected to the story he won’t be in Duscae. Different summon confirmed for Duscae.
  • Cor reconfirmed still in the game. He’s separated from the party by 20 years of age, and thus is a supporting character, not a main one (awkward on a road trip). “Father figure to the team”. He is confirmed as a guest party member in the game.
  • Other guest party members
  • You get buffed if you camp, rather than penalized otherwise.
  • Ignis is the one who cooks based on ingredients that are bought.
  • If you don’t camp, you don’t level up. Experience points aren’t lost if you don’t camp. They accumulate but just aren’t utilized.
  • You can camp any time you want
  • Day/Night cycle is currently 60min, 40min day + 20min night
  • Will have to fight throughout the span of multiple days in some dungeons.
  • Travelling by train is possible as an alternative to cars. Train has walkable interior
  • Reassurance regarding “one button combat lol” – Core essence of FF has always been strategy.
  • Unique weapon system. You set multiple weapons for Noctis. One is the main weapon. Weapons have abilities, main weapon’s abilities will apply. Some weapons have high stats but no abilities, and vice versa.
  • Hunting down weapons (e.g. asking NPCs for info then going to dungeons to retrieve) will be an involved process
  • Magic’s visuals does not currently live up to SQEX visual standards just yet. Focusing on summons as it is harder. Will release more information on magic when it’s ready
  • Cindy appears to be the accepted English name, very deliberately pronounced by Hazmer who has obviously an excellent grasp of the language. No voice in Cindy cutscene to avoid spoilers.
  • Cindy is in the trial.
  • South East Asian tradition plays an important role in the town of Lestallum, which is the one shown in the Jump Festa trailer. The suburban look is similer to Kuala Lumpur
  • Some artwork of the city of Lestallum and its NPCs was showcased (including a hotel room where Noctis can stay), alongside footage of some of the actions NPCs can perform there. They can prepare South East Asian cuisine, an element inspired by Hazmer, who is Malaysian himself.
  • The South East Asian cuisine in the game is teh tarik, satay and roti canai.
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Gonna pick up the PS4 version, unless SE decides to release a PC version Day 1.

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Oh yes! Oh Baby Yes! I want More! MORE!

(I swear to god square, if you do not make this the FF that we all want, I will bitch slap u so hard that it will make bitches look like normal sluts)



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Looks like it will be an action rpg. Not good.


Ajax said:
Looks like it will be an action rpg. Excellent.

protip: FF has has had many different battle systems.

not to mention we knew it was action rpg since 2008-9

In this day and age, with the Internet, ignorance is a choice! And they're still choosing Ignorance! - Dr. Filthy Frank

Let me know if you want to be in the hype car, and where.

I assume you're hype, ClassicGamingWizzz from your sig.

deskpro2k3 said:
Let me know if you want to be in the hype car.

I assume you're hype, ClassicGamingWizzz from your sig.

i am more than hyped !!! this is the game i want the most right now , i miss final fantasy single player so much :S


Hyped as fuck!!!! Don't screw this up SE. Plz :'(



Ajax said:
Looks like it will be an action rpg. Not good.