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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who is Rosalina?

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Do you believe it?

Yes, and my mind is blown. 5 27.78%
No, and The Game Theorists are stupid. 13 72.22%


I can't believe how's logical it sounds. 

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I am really curious about part 2! Like, the cliffhanger is soo urghh

See you people that says Mario games don't have any story to them? Take that! (jk)


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the problem is her age, she is her sister, not her daughter...
we know that the queen of the shroom kingdom isnt there.

Great a new game theory that actually has to do with VIDEO GAMES

No thanks. I used to like Game Theory when they had around 50k subs, but now I find them dull.



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Well, Game Theory is sometimes entertaining, but he was wrong in pretty much every video I saw...

I hate the way he pronounces Rosalina.

It's Ros like 'Rose' not like 'Rosin'.

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Interesting theory.

His pronunciation of her name bothered me as well.

That was.... interesting! And no, his pronunciation of Rosalina's name didn't bother me!

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