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Yep so two of my friends that were still undecided whether getting a X1 or a PS4 decided to go with X1 because of EA Access. You get ridiculous value when you enter the new gen with EAA for 30$. Even I wasn't planning on getting it before late next year but with the addition of Need For Speed I think I will take the plunge. I think this deal with EA might help MS a little. Now do the same Ubisoft.

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It doesn't get much more anecdotal than that

Congratulate your friends for paying to play a demo....

Well tell your friends this. " I hope that you have enjoyed supporting a buisness model, which will one day lead to the destruction of gaming ". Please do not buy an Xbox One because of Ea Access, in a year's time you willl regret it because Ea will always find a way how to screw over the consumer.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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The only EA game I'd be remotely interested in would be the new Starwars Battlefront & maybe NBA Live but 2K has taken it's crown. EA Access is definitely not a system seller lol more power to your buddies though.

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I am not sure I would describe it as a system seller. It is good value though!

It depends on whether you're a fan of EA's franchises. If you like them, they're a great deal.

Even if I don't like the direction this has pointed the gaming industry toward, you've gotta admit one thing that this has made better: Online communities for older games will undoubtedly be boosted because of this.



Well, MS can use all the help they can get. I'm sure they'll invite all other publishers to their console.
$250 per year of subscriptions will surely make XOne more popular...

Can you point me in the direction of your friends? I have some fantastic business opportunities for those with such great business acumen, forethought, and interpretation of both current and future events.

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Well congrats to them and I hope they enjoy their new consoles.

I still don't think that means EA Access is a system seller.