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So I just popped a copy of Plants vs. Zombies into my PS4, and I'm prompted to create an Origin account to access the online portion of the game.

I'm frustrated, because I don't want an Origin account.

Oh well, I think, I can still play the local split-screen mode. Nope. I need an Origin account to play split-screen local co-op.

I take full responsibility for not researching the game properly, and for naively assuming EA wouldn't make me jump through hoops to play its game. That being said, is this an acceptable move to you guys and gals? Is it just a part of the modern video game industry, or is it something insidious? Or both?


P.S. If there's some workaround to this problem, or if I've misrepresented the situation, please let me know, and I'll amend the OP accordingly.

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I think an Origin account is mandatory to play any online-enabled game from EA these days. It was required on Mass Effect 3: Special Edition on Wii U, and any of the sports games you get on consoles always asks for an Origin ID as well.

That's what happens when you let the DRM policy up to third parties

I passed on so much PC EA games free, paid and cheap because of origin.

Thanks jlmurph!

EA/Origin sucks, that's why I haven't given them my money in a long time.  There are thousands of great games ou there that I just don't have the time to play, so who needs EA?  The problem is that most people fall for hype.... I don't

Stop hating and start playing.

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Yeah its annoying. I think Ubisoft has something similar too.


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Well, I haven't bought their games in a long time, but that warrants no EA and Ubisoft games from me, because there's no online where my consoles are.

Publisher specific services like Origin and UPlay have become more of a pain in the backside than anything beneficial for players. I'll use them to play the games I like, but it's frustrating to have an extra login screen, and both Origin and UPlay on PC are just plain shit.

I only have X1 but cant recall having to logon to Origin. Anyone with better memory than me that can clarify?

Puppyroach said:
I only have X1 but cant recall having to logon to Origin. Anyone with better memory than me that can clarify?

Have you ever played Battlefield, Madden, FIFA or some other games? You probably registered then and forgot, as EA links your gamertag to the Origin account, so it doesn't ask you every time.