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Which one?

Monster Hunter 3 19 25.00%
Sonic Lost World 13 17.11%
Wonderful 101 40 52.63%
Game & Wario 3 3.95%

Hey Guys...


Which game should I get with my MK8 registration and why?

 thanks for your help....



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Monster Hunter 3 or Wonderful 101

Note that some games on the list are cheaper then others.
So if you're going to get the cheaper ones sooner or later, it might be better to get the most expensives ones with the free deal now.

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Well, this is new.


I'm going with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ;)


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Monster Hunter 3 or W101. I'd recommend W101

Only four choices?

Sonic or Game and Wario are my choices. Pick one you would not probably ever buy. I would pick Wonderful 101....but I somehow purchased it in the past.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, although you WILL forget what to do with vaginas with that game. W101 is great too, but way less content.

As others have said, probably Monster Hunter. But maybe Sonic Lost World?


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I haven't played it, but, The Wonderful 101 is probably the best choice.