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Somewhere in a bunker, grammar hitler just raised from the dead only to shoot himself again.

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sony is going out of business that not a joke

And here I thought I was going into an april fools thread.... oh well, I guess not everything should be fake.

SmeagsNeedsBaning said:
spurgeonryan said:
SmeagsNeedsBaning said:
Let us not stand on ceremony, Mr. Wayne.

Is this rumor true Mr. Baning?

Yes. The fire rises.

You're a big guy!

A thing of beauty, strength, and grace lies behind that whiskered face.

That's what they deserve for not making Jak 4... Those bastards!

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Yup......poor, poor Acer Laptops division going out of business ;)



Don't you hate it when companies just give up on a hgh note?

Dat grammar


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Worst April fools ever. It will happen in few years for sure but not today!