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Forums - Sales Discussion - Can PS4 Break In Japan The King Historical Record Lauch?

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PS4 first week sales in Japan?

King: 1 Million 68 28.33%
King's Hands: 900k 3 1.25%
Paladin: 800k 12 5.00%
Knight: 700k 26 10.83%
Henchman: 600k 29 12.08%
Mercenary: 500k 46 19.17%
Bastard: 400k 19 7.92%
Covard: 300k 14 5.83%
Banana: 200k 9 3.75%
Girl: 100k 14 5.83%

Easy question... can PS4 beat the PS2 launch sales in Japan?

PS2 hold the crown of the "BEST SELLING GAME MACHINE IN JAPAN"... to understand the unbelievable and historical fact I will share the sales with you guys:

Day 1: 600k
Day 2: 980k (380k in this day)

So can PS4 beat these sales? Kaz already said they are having unprecedented preorders in Japan but we know the preorders hype is a new thing the stores in the world... in 2000 the preorders was not that important to the sales like they are today.

So what do you think?

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I'm thinking more along the lines of 500-600k. Would be amazing if they do better than that.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Incredibly doubtful.

Japan are all about the handhelds now...

no way can it beat it. 980k in 2 days? no fucking way

yes, why not

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No enough shipments !

I predict 450k-500k for week 1, 650k max !


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1M 1st week??? That would be a launch hat trick (us and eu had it as well).

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Do you guys really think the handhelds is a issue in Japan for consoles? I think the consoles are not selling great anymore because they are not a hot product there.... so PS4 can revive the Japan console market.

PS2 sold 980k in two days in Japan?

News to me, but no I don't see it given consoles are not as popular there as they were in ps2 gen. Thinking more along the lines of 350k-400k day one/first week. But hypothetically if it did beat ps2 sales then that would be fucking crazy shit. But I doubt it, soooo!