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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do Some Of You Guys Think Grand Theft Auto V Deserved That GOTY Instead Of The Last Of Us ?

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Well Do You ?

Yes 111 27.54%
No 263 65.26%
Maybe 29 7.20%

Considering that Grand Theft Auto have a very huge fanbase and popularity when compared to a new IP like The Last Of Us. Both of them are critically acclaimed and heavily praised at the same time. However it seems that GTA fan are displeased on what Rockstar are doing with GTA V. Many felt that the game doesn't offer much fun,content & replaybility compared to GTA San Andreas and also were dissapointed on how the story progress since you worked for the FBI throughout your whole gameplay. Just check out this forum and you see that many are not pleased on what rockstar has done to GTA V :

For The Last Of Us. Well i don't see many complain at all and many praised it like it the second coming of Jesus lol. The user score for The Last Of Us is suprisingly high when compared to GTA V ( mainly because GTA V has a shitty online whereby The Last Of Us don't ). The storyline is among one of the best since Assassin Creed II & Red Dead Redemption,the animation is smooth,graphic felt like a next-gen game even though it in a current gen console and the gameplay just felt amazing. However the only things that The Last Of Us lack is replaybility in campaign. Once you finish it,there is no point in playing it again. It not like your next playthrough will have different experience. As for the multiplayer in The Last Of Us,it kinda ok but nothing special about it. 

What do you guys think ? Do you think GTA V deserved that GOTY just because it has better gameplay & replay value than The Last Of Us ? Or it is because due to popularity ?

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No,, not me. I do own both games, but The Last of Us is light years ahead from GTA V as a game, so much better in every way. A true video game classic. And I LOVE that it is not open world and this never becomes a issue, GTA V was a cool well made game, but TLofU is just a masterpiece, the swan´s song of last gen.

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I kind of do. I liked TLoU a lot, but I think it's a lot less mainstream than Uncharted. It's difficulty and darkness make it a game that's not for everyone.

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Yes, Gta5 offers me much more for my money but the last of us had a better story tho

Both where great, just Gta was a lil better

Yes just because GTAV is pretty much, almost everything I ever dreamed a last gen GTA would be... It is what GTA 4 should have been... The Last of Us is also a reallyyyy excellent game but GTAV just edges out in my books


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Haven't bought Last of Us yet, due to schooling setback :( Will try again Monday.
Based off this info, I cannot say that. I will say that GTA 5 was amazing and light years better than 4.

There are actually several Game of the Year Awards.

I'll assume you mean the VGX Awards since they just happened.

The Last of Us is a great game. I loved it. However, GTA V is enormously successful. It's much better for that game to win than Call of Duty Ghosts or something ridiculous like that.

Well rockstar had a concert and eveything so it would have been very weird and awkward if they didnt win. TLoU is the better and the only reason GTAV won is because well it is GTA.

TLOU is way better then GTA, perfect balance oif characters story, great gameplay, and excellent multiplayer,


But TLoU never stood a chance. From the jurry choice (1 xbox guy and 3 polygon guys, so basically 4 xbox guys), the already planned GTA concert (very subtle, VGX) and the massive popularity and dudebro appeal from GTA that VGX tries ever so desperately to capture, TLoU really couldn't win this year. GTA was the epitome wet dream game for VGX to promote and its been known since it's creation that GTA audience has been their mahor goal.

The Last of Us should win most of other GOTY awards tho