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Microsoft Store has them available:


In-store bundle, you have to go in the store to buy it. Call them before going. It's $1000

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    I wonder if they can outsell PS4 by virtue of having more stock, even though I think they will sell slower because of 499?

    It' an anecdote, but at my target at 8AM opening, they had about 15 non-preordered Ones for the taking, with maybe like 4 people lined up to get them, so obviously 10+ left over. Anybody can walk in right now and get one.

    I'm glad I dumped my 10 preorders I had for ebay, anyway...

    AAAaaaaaaand its gone

    My friend in Melbourne Florida told me his best buy had like 10 left today


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    My local eb was trying to hock them as I went to pick up Assassins Creed IV.

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    that was fast

    d2wi said:

    Zap! That was fast - all sold out.

    There were some rather desperate people coming up wanting to buy them last night who were turned away.  It made me sad to see them walk sadly back to their car and zoom to another location.

    And great link! 


    Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

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    So is it sold out eerywhere or is there consoles available in USA? When do people perdict next shipment is coming?