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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 hits Kickstarter goal and Mighty No. 9 stretch goals ignoring Xbox One, PS4 due to tech unfamiliarity

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Keiji Inafune's Kickstarter for The Mighty No. 9 is a "take my money!" situation if there ever was one, with the project accomplishing its $900,000 goal within three days. The game, which features many alumni from the Mega Man series, is a side-scroller shooter about a robot named Beck who defeats a series of robots and gains their powers. We can sense Capcom's lawyers frothing from across the Pacific.

The Mighty No. 9 is scheduled to launch for PC sometime in the spring of 2015 via "Steam and DRM-free digital distribution methods." Stretch goals include Mac/Linux versions at $1.35 million and the highest stretch at this time is current-gen console ports at $2.5 million. If the momentum keeps up, Inafune's going to be scrambling to come up with further goals by week's end.



Mighty No. 9, the new Kickstarter campaign from Keiji Inafune, has numerous stretch goals, one of which is console ports for Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 if pledges make it to $2.5 million. Since the game is being developed for PC, wouldn't it make more sense to port to Xbox One and PS4? Both of which are built on x86 PC architecture.

"One of the clearest reasons is that the developer, who is developing the core of the production, is Inti Creates, and they're not familiar with next-gen," Inafune told Joystiq during an interview at PAX Prime. "So with trying to learn that technology, with trying to understand a new piece of hardware, to get a new development kit, all of that comes with it an associated cost and all of that makes the stretch goal a lot more expensive."

Inafune, while not alluding to any possibility of next-gen ports for the game, added that the beauty of Kickstarter is that it allows for direct interaction with the fans – to "reflexively" adapt to what they demand. "It allows us to see how excited they are, what they really want, how vocal they are about certain parts and it allows us to, reflexively, adjust some of what those stretch goals are. What we can say is we're always listening and seeing what they say, but it will forever – and this is the way Kickstarter has to be, unless you're going to be lying to the end user which is what we will absolutely not do – it has to be a balance of what the production realities are and what the fans want."

Mighty No. 9, a 2D action platformer harkening back to the classic games of yesteryear, is seeking $900,000 through Kickstarter for its base financing. As of this post it's incredibly close to achieving its goal and will launch on PC through Steam sometime in 2015.



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