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What game is the best KH game for you?

Kingdom Hearts 22 33.85%
Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories 0 0%
Kingdom Hearts II 25 38.46%
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 2 3.08%
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 10 15.38%
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 6 9.23%
Kingdom Hearts Re Coded 0 0%

What is the best Kingdom Hearts game for you (not including Final Mix games)???

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Will always be the original followed by BbS. Wasn't a huge fan of II.

My favorite is the original kingdom hearts. In my opinion it had the best story, plus I think it did a better job of encouraging exploration.

My favorite is Kingdom Hearts II. I will always own a copy of that game on the PS2!

KH 2 by far, the game was so fun for me I actually got my charcters to level 99 lol.

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Kingdom Hearts II, though I should qualify that by saying I've only played the the PS2 games. Much as I enjoy them, I can't justify another 3 system purchases to play all of the games.

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I've only played the main games.

1 had a better story
2 had better gameplay

Platinums: Red Dead Redemption, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Terminator Salvation, Uncharted 1, inFamous Second Son, Rocket League

Kingdom Hearts II will always have a special place in my heart of games. It's definitely my favorite KH, by far.


Chain of Memories. The only KH game I've played.