Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XBOX FANS ONLY: Did the DRM news really kill all your interest of ever getting a Xbox One?

Won't be getting it, not because i buy used or whatever, I won't be supporting this kind of anti-consumerism, if Sony does the same I guess I will have to give nintendo a try this gen and I'll do most of my gaming on pc

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This depends pretty much on Sony. If they manage to be more consumer friendly about this stuff I will end up buying the PS4.
Anyway: No launch purchase from me...

LOL ... don't run to PS4 yet... hint: it will be very much the same.

I've never bought or sold used games, and my friends all have jobs so they can afford their own games and don't need to borrow mine. I also have fast, stable internet. None of yesterday's news altered my plans. I was always going to get one and still plan to.

Nope that doesn't really effect me since I buy 90% of my games new and I always have stable internet. Heck if the DRM means more Steam-like sales I support it fully.

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I got a 360 in 2011. I had a wii and ps3 before then. So the news yesterday has stopped my plans to buy a x1. I was planning on getting it in a year or two but I don't know know. I mostly buy all games new but I do get used games of older titles and things I might have missed. So the used game thing turned me some what off. And not being even able to bring my xbla games over is just not working with me. I keep some systems but not all and my 360 was on the way out as soon as I got a x1 but things have changed. I have a wii u and as long as Sony does not add the used game thing I might get a ps4 next year.

Pffff...let's wait until E3.

I just dont like that you have to essentually get Microsoft's permission daily to play your games. Even if you have good internet connection you still only get to play your games if Microsoft allows it. Ease of gaining permission does not remove necessity of it.

No, the only time I buy used games are for a backlog right at the end of the Gen, the way digital downloads are going, this could be the last gen we see any form of disc used to buy games. My point being, by the time I have a backlog of games at the end if Xbox ONE lifespan, I'll be able to play the games via xbox ps+ equivalent or simply download them for just as cheap as they'd be second hand in a shop.

Not one bit. I don't care about DRM at all. I pay for my entertainment and rarely buy or sell used games.

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.