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Fuck you

I preordered GoW:A about 45 day prior to release.  why the fuck does it take 7 days to even fulfill my order and get it shipped?!?!  it's not like it isn't in stock.  when i order an older game it typically ships the same day i place an order but somehow with a massive amount of advanced warning amazon somehow fails miserably.  they finally put it in the mail yesterday and i still won't have GoW:A for another day or two. this isn't the first time either.  infamous 2 took two full weeks to be fullfiled.  I ended up canceling my dark souls preorder and just buying it at good old brick and mortar when they hadn't shipped it on the 5th day post release. 

so fucking tired of amazon...

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i would go more digital is my internet connection would allow me to, but it doesnt. also with ps4's new feature of playing a game while downloading it it really makes digital downloading games even more attractive

Because Amazon is the only store worldwide selling games?

Then don't buy at amazon? I get the games from my favorite online shop in Switzerland usually one day before official release, sometimes on release date and other times even a few days earlier. I get older games a day after ordering...

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yea, I had same problem with amazon before. I haven't purchased through them since.

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Digital is the best, especially when they let you download the game files before release (but only gets activated on launch day). It's the absolute best way to insure that you're going to play the game on launch day... unless the game is called Sim City or Diablo III of course.

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Sort of off topic, but here is what it looks like inside Amazon.


Never had that problem with Amazon. I'm signed up for their student program so I get everything day of with free shipping if I pre-order. 2 days on everything else.

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TheKoreanGuy said:

Sort of off topic, but here is what it looks like inside Amazon.


They misplaced his game by accidentally putting it next to the Lost Ark.

See I'm in a worse situation. I'm up at college and as a gift my mom decided to buy me the game. Well she got it on launch day yet I'm not going home till spring break which is next week. Do you want to know what's even worse, or good? All 11 days of spring break I'll be on a cruise. After that I have to go back up to college for another month before I'll finally play the game. My PS3 in the dorm died :(