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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - First Kirby game for 3DS!

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What will be the first Kirby game for 3DS?

New Game 20 95.24%
Remake 1 4.76%

Hi Guys I have just realize that Kirby is not out for 3DS yet.


And since Ninty is realesing a Kirby game a year (or more) recently. I am sure that we will see Kirby on 3DS this year (Metroid as well if you ask me).


The question is : will the first Kirby adventure for 3DS going to be a new game or a remake?



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On the handhelds, a Kirby is generally released more like every two years. The 7th generation just happened to be a bit of a renaissance for the pink guy thanks to his console outings.

Love and tolerate.

Well as a Kirby fan, I'd love to see a new game. Kirbys Epic Yarn was IMO one of the most magical and beautiful games ever.

Kirby 3DS and make it a SSB online fighting game!

I bet we get a new Kirby game this year, not a remake. Might not be a traditional platformer a la Squeak Squad though, maybe more along the lines of Canvas Curse or Mass Attack.