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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict PS Vita Black Friday week sales!(USA only)

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How much will Vita sell?

50k to 60k 31 16.49%
60k to 70k 14 7.45%
70k to 80k 11 5.85%
80k to 90k 18 9.57%
100k to 150k 43 22.87%
200k+ 71 37.77%

How much did the Vita sell this Black Friday week? Most stores got a $199 Vita bundle while Amazon got a $179.99 bundle.

Make your predictions. Let's try and keep it North America only.

For reference, USA sales for Vita were 32,004 pre-Black Friday.
Notable new game releases for the week: Persona 4 Golden, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

My prediction is 80,001(I'm counting my purchase ;D)

I hope my prediction is low, I just don't know how much of an effect Black Friday will have or how much of a barrier price was for the masses.

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85,000 to 90,000


Basil's YouTube Channel


I'm going to be optimistic and say 90k.


70 thousand it can't be much more.

Some platforms can as much as triple on Black Friday, however expensive unpopular Sony platforms tend no to. It could stay as low as 60.

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Just looked at the 10 week countdown... Ethomaz predicted the Vita would sell 770k WW this week! :0

Anyway, 120k is my prediction.

Oh yeah, and there's no option in the poll for people who think it'll do 150k-200k

somewhere between 100k - 150k. Remember personal 4 golden and all stars came out this week.



Being optimistic though