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Forums - Sales Discussion - October 2012 NPD Thread - 360: 270k, PS3+Wii: 212k










360: 270k

PS3 + Wii: 212k (PS3 > 160k, Wii < 52k)

3DS > 192k

Vita < 44k (~ 35k)

DS > 104k


Dishonored: 460K

XCOM: 114K

NBA 2K13 up 60% over NBA 2K12

Code of Princess < 20k

Street Fighter X Tekken (PSV) ~ 5k

Medal of Honor Warfighter 300,000
Pokemon 867,000
Resident Evil 6 806,000
Skylanders 269,000
NBA 2k13 1.27m



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I'm hoping pokemon is undertracked, but i highly doubt it :(


Wait! you made an error, fifa 13 is on vita :)

I predict DS will be undertracked. Bold, I know.

No troll is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate trolls, I train people. I am the Troll Whisperer.

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Some good releases this month, I hope XCOM actually hits the top 10... maybe even undertracked? We shall see.


Troll_Whisperer said:
I predict DS will be undertracked. Bold, I know.

You deserve to be in this ad, you rebel!


medal of honor sales are horrible, just like the game :D