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Forums - Sony Discussion - If this advert for the new S.Slim is real then Sony JP has some issues

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Did you like the advert?

Yes! Sony is back on form, I hope it's real! 29 32.22%
Dafaq? Was not expecting ... 21 23.33%
What did I just watch? 11 12.22%
What. The. Hell? 17 18.89%
nhhhhnnh rrggn eekk *heartattack* 10 11.11%


Yeah, I can't post vids where I am atm so you're gonna have to make do with the link, sorry for the rubbish structuring of this thread.

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It's just an New PS3 Ad + RE6 Ad. I think it's ok, kinda like it.

That literally made me laugh out loud.

that's one way to get rid of a disproportionate population of old people,which overstrains the social systems :P

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It's just a Biohazard advert.


Does anybody know if there is a PS3+RE6 bundle in Japan ?

That is probably the most normal Playstation ad I've ever seen.


We all know Sony has a rich history of weird ads :P

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nah, nothing special, but not really weird, either. (given the fact that jap. car companies advertise their products with half naked transvestites lately.)


edit: Wait, this Ad wasn't really meant to shock someone, was it?

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The ad says "Escape! Resident Evil 6. New PS3 model".

So they're advertising RE6 and the new slim. Pretty normal stuff.

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