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Forums - General Discussion - What are the worst injuries you've sustained?

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So normally I'm the picture of "health", I don't have hay-fever, I don't get sick, I've never sustained a broken bone, in fact the worst thing I have had was a bruised toe due to a collision that shot my toe-nail back into my foot (Yes, that kept me not walking for quite a while).

But recently I was out with a couple of buds, had a few drinks, couple of joints, then we decided to relocate through a different location via way of "scooters", well long story short, I was riding shotgun with a bud of mine, we hit a kerb and took a tumble. So I've had my hand and knee in bandages for a few days now (Flesh wound, not broken).

So what's the worst that's happended to you? Do you get sick often? Ever had a broken bone?

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I broke my toe playing Wii Sports. That's the extent of my injuries

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I have sprained my arm... Nothing worse.

I did once cause my brother to break his though

I wouldn't say you are the picture of health after you "had a few drinks, couple of joints", Millenium.

Aaaaaannnnyyyyywayyyyyyyy, I usually don't get sick much now. I used to get Strep Throat a lot when I had my Tonsils. Now I don't get it that much.
I also, accidentally of course, make a gash in my leg that almost reached my Main Artery. AKA, I would've bleed to death, AKA I wouldn't have told you you weren't the picture of health. (It's healed up perfectly now, though, Yay!)

EDIT: I've never broken a bone. =D

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I have a scar on my right shin when I fell onto the edge of a concrete fence... Took a gouge out of my skin and hurt like hell but was still only superficial, I haven't had any severe injuries.

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During a combatives match some 300 pound fuck squeezed the life out of me until my nose bled. Happily he was the one who tapped out. I thank him every day because he got me out of 3 hours of PT that day. Hated Combatives! Just wanted to run and do pull ups. Oh, yeah I have had many foot blisters the size of your foot. They really suck clown balls!

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A burn, during childhood. Accidentally used boiled water without cooling it down to shower. Luckily enough only my right leg got burnt. It's been around 18 or so years now but I still remember the pain. Such a horrible experience

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I have never broken a bone either, ala Ninplup who defriended me yesterday.

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I was playing basketball one day, tries to dunk, missed the entire rim, collide face-first, and broke off half of my front tooth.

A pulled muscle.