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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - No More Heroes gets a 94%

I'm not choosing on weather or not to buy this. The ratings/reviews will choose for me.

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thekitchensink said:
@Ramuji: How did you do that? I didn't think it was out for a couple of weeks??

Dude, JAPAN.

Not everyone on teh internet is from America :P I know, blew my mind the first time I figured it out too. 


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The game has been out in Japan for a little while now. Either ramuji lives in Japan or he imported the game.

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thekitchensink said:
pichu_pichu said:
Wait why can't you log in as Mr. Pickles??

I have no idea--I tried logging in a couple of days ago, and it said it couldn't log me in.  Tried a whole bunch of different passwords, and that didn't work.  Then I used the 'forgot password' thing, but the password it gave me doesn't work, and I know I'm not banned.  None of ioi's suggestions worked, either, so I'm just going on with this one until I sort the problem out...

 be nice if that account worked tho, so I could get the vg$ for all my posts :-S

Same here bro

Im lost tears of kain it wont let me log back in either.

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thekitchensink said:
@Ramuji: How did you do that? I didn't think it was out for a couple of weeks??

 I live in Japan, where it was released on 6 December. 

By the way, I finished the story in almost exactly 20hrs. But, I wasted some time by putzing around in town some. And, since I hadn't read the manual carefully, I was at rank 2 before I realized that there was a turbo button for the Schpeltiger, so I lost some time there, too. 

 I also got my assed kicked multiple times by a few of the higher-ranked assassins. So, a "better gamer" than me could probably finish it in significantly less time. 

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Cool. So, are the boss fights as amazingly epic as everyone is claiming?

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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Meh, it's a game I might get it eventually. It looks interesting and I love the art style but I'm not convinced it's actually worth full price yet.

Maybe when there's actually more than one review and it stays above a 90 I might change my mind, but I suppose we'll just wait and see.

I just hope I've got a shot at getting some of that TP on launch day

It'll do over 250k in just the Americas within a few months, you'll see.

It'll sit at 500k (at least) worldwide in it's life time, I think that's fairly reasonable.

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That's far worse then NMH's launch in Japan:

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