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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Jet Set Radio tags XBLA, PSN, PC this summer, Sega holding graffiti contest

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Jet Set Radio tags XBLA, PSN, PC this summer, Sega holding graffiti contest



Sega's extremely subtle teaser turned out to be for an update of Jet Set Radio after all! Sega is re-releasing the beloved Dreamcast skating/vandalism action-adventure this summer on XBLA, PSN (for PS3), and PC download -- under the proper name. None of that "grind" nonsense. The in-progress screens show an HD presentation that looks just like the original, but smoother.

Sega hasn't said anything about whether you'll be able to import your own graffiti images as was possible in the Dreamcast version. The publisher is, however, holding a contest to solicit eighteen winning images for inclusion in the game. Prizes include copies of the game, a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker system, and Jet Set Radio hoodies and beverage shakers.

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Would have prefered JSRF to be honest. Good news though, first of the SEGA HD remakes I am looking forward to.

i want the visuals from the xbox version!

JSRF is the better of the two......... however, JSR is still a damn good game in it's own right.

Well done Sega for releasing this to the masses.

An awesome game that I still played before giving my sis my Dreamcast last year. I wonder if the soundtrack will be the same. It had some good licensed music but most games that have been re-released have had different music. Either way, I'll buy it.

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Of the games I owned, only Zombie Revenge, Sword of the Berserk, Shenmue, Illbleed, and Maken X remain exclusive and worth playing.....and "worth playing" is up for debate.

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my copy of jsrf is broken and always freezes on me in the same spot :(

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Great news. That is an amazing game.