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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Grand Theft Auto still relevant?

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Looking at the latest pre-order chart for December 10 I don't see Grand Theft Auto V anywhere in the top 30. The game was already officially announced and has a trailer. Yet it couldn't crack the Top 30?

Halo 4 which was announced at E3 with a short teaser is already at #7 on the chart. Why?

Is Halo much more popular then Grand Theft Auto? Are Grand Theft Auto fans casuals therefore explaining the low pre-orders right now? Is GTA not relevant anymore? Tell me what you think. I would love to know your opinions!


Just noticed that Grand Theft Auto V isn't available for pre-order is most stores.(not even Gamestop). Amazon is the only one that has pre-orders open.

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The GTA games on PS2 sold a lot, but Halo overall is more popular than GTA.


Halo 4 is almost guaranteed to be released late 2012 and the series has more of a cult following, especially given its a platform exclusive. GTA is split between the PS3 and the 360 meaning pre-orders are split between the two, making them appear even smaller. Also, the game has no known release window, let alone a release date, and the series is also known to get delayed. Closer to the release the pre-oreders will go through the roof. The series is comparable to Call of Duty in terms of popularity. Look at GTA IV, still selling in good numbers over 3 years after its release. Given the larger install base since IV's came out, GTA V could potentially post similar lifetime figures to the Modern Warfare games.

Killer_Ch33z said:
The GTA games on PS2 sold a lot, but Halo overall is more popular than GTA.

GTAV is the game that has the most potential to equal or top Call of Duty's records. Halo 4 has no chance of doing that because of a relatively weak performance outside of the US.

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While you bring up an interesting point (that GTAV isn't in the preorders chart), you followed it with a rather poor question. Of course Grand Theft Auto is still relevant. It's one of the highest selling series on the market.



I wouldn't exactly trust VGC preorder charts... but it's far more popular than Halo and like Pezus said the only game this gen on HD consoles which has the potential to outsell Call of Duty. The only reason Halo 4 is up there is due to mass hype and people have good idea of when its coming. As soon as take two starts putting the hype towards GTA V there's nothing stopping it...

Relevant in terms of what? Sales, yeah probably. Open world game design for this gen? Hahaha no and thankfully so.

themanwithnoname's law: As an America's sales or NPD thread grows longer, the probabilty of the comment "America = World" [sarcasticly] being made approaches 1.

Using the most scientific tool known to man, youtube we can clearly see GTAV is still very revelant. GTAV trailer already has 9.5million views on youtube Halo 4 trailer already has 6.4million views

Obviously Halo has an advantage in USA preorder charts because halo is only coming out on one system and is a bigger IP this generation in America.

Of course GTA is very important, and I certainly really really can't wait!

GTA III got the ball rolling in terms of open world games, and SA really set the bar for the number of sidequests and how to make a really exciting and interesting open world game

IV didn't inspire so much in terms of imitators, but its story was much better than anything we see in other games (in my opinion) and what I expect from V is to have an even better and immersive story especially given Red Dead and LA Noire's achievements in that field