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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What do you think sells more Nintendo Hardware? Pokemon or Mario? (Read post)

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What do you think sells more Nintendo Hardware? Pokemon or Mario?

Pokemon 1 6.67%
Mario 12 80.00%
None of them 0 0%
See results or I don't care 2 13.33%

All main Pokemon games (Red, Gold, Ruby, Pearl, and White and their counterparts) have sold or will sell at least 10 million LTD. The main Mario games do not consistently sell as well but their average may be higher with Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  However, all main Pokemon games appeared on all Nintendo handheld from the original Gameboy to the DS. Those system have a dramatically higher average of hardware sold compared to Nintendo home consoles. Mario Kart also sells very well but this series will not be included.  (Maybe I'll put in another thread if I or someone else cares to make one) 

So, VGchartz members, what potentially sells more Nintendo hardware; Main Pokemon games or Main Mario games?

(I'm too lazy to add sale figures for all Main Mario and Pokemon games, but I have a feeling if this debate gets heated up enough someone will provide them anyway)

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Main Mario games sell more hardware, because they work on both, home consoles and handhelds. While Pokémon didn't get a proper home console release yet, it just wouldn't be the same when the trading aspect is lost. And no, trading online wouldn't be the same. Pokémon was specifically tailored to being a handheld game and its quaiities wouldn't really carry over to home consoles.

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If you're reffering to stricly portables: Pokemon, because Pokemon gamers are hardcore and more liable to buy a platform for a single game. Handhelds wouldn't be the same without Pokemon.

If you're reffering to both: Mario obviously. Home consoles wouldn't be the same without Mario.

if were talking handhelds id say Pokemon for a nice few months of boost. Though i think a platformer Mario could help sell the console for much longer.

Also when I look at like the top 50 selling mario games on vgchartz it equals to like 400+ million. Do we not count mario kart, mario party, and mario and sonic in marios total sells?

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strictly speaking if a nintendo console had no mario games it would get affected far more than if it had no pokemon games.