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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Far Cry 3 to feature moral dilemmas

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Do you think moral choices are becoming an overused trope?

yes! kill them with fire 2 13.33%
probably but I like them 0 0%
I don't care 5 33.33%
kinda 4 26.67%
no, if anything we need m... 2 13.33%
nope 1 6.67%
just show me, the god damn results! 1 6.67%


Modern videogames and their moral dilemmas, huh? They bloody love ‘em! Which means it’s no surprise to see Far Cry 3 producer Dan Hays suggesting that they might play a significant role in Ubisoft’s FPS sequel.

And the trick to making these work, he says, is all about creating a fully immersive world, so that the decisions resonate harder.

“We want to sell that dream to the player that they’re almost there,” he said, “that they can almost smell that space, that they can almost taste that space.” This means, said Hays, that when faced with difficult decisions, they feel all the more tangible.

“You run across a character and he’s doing terrible, terrible things, but you need them,” he continued, speaking in a feature on OXM. “What does that say about you?”

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well i didnt really play any of the others and the trailers for this one was pretty nice so ill say im excited for it. Though more dilemmas sounds good if done right i guess.

As long as they are done right who cares.

The more games that do this, the better.

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I like the idea of morality itself. It makes you feel more immersed in the game, and puts you in the shoes of the character.

I don't like this whole "KILL EVERYONE AND YOU ARE EVIL" or "SAVE EVERYONE AND YOU ARE GOOD" nonsense, though. I prefer moral grey zones - killing one man in exchange for the life of another; that blood magic demon summoning from Dragon Age: Origins; things like that.

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well if it's done right it's great... I don't like when make you do choices and the only different is you get effed on the reward side or not.... I mean if the choice is like a slot machine game it doesn't really help the game.... if the choice is to work toward a different ending and better yet a different character and story development it's great cause it adds to replayability of a game... I can play one time as that knight in shining armor saving the poor and the needy... or I can play again and be that evil monster and in both case get rewards of comparable value but adapted to my choices.... sometime it's even more developped like I can be a nice guy moraly when it comes to help NPC in danger but be greedy so if I can get payed doing it I won't hesitate... stuff like that that can unable several play through with many different character development and end results is great.... IMHO of course

hopefully its not sign the orphans to sleep or murder there dogs with no middle ground, moral choice system.

I dont care if they do the asshole spectrum of moral choice, but at least more than 3 options.

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Why it seem like this gets announced in a game everyday? There has to be time when you guys start questioning this ... or at least get to the so what phase.

This game is going to suck anyways, Move along.

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Chroniczaaa said:
This game is going to suck anyways, Move along.

Really? Well what other tiding to you bare from the future?

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