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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox E3 Press conference full analysis

This is my full analysis of Microsoft's E3 press conference. 

Games shown in order


  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Tomb Raider (AWSOME!!)
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 
  • Kinect Voice Control
  • Gears of War 3
  • Halo CE remake
  • Forza 4
  • Fable: The Journey
  • Minecraft
  • Kinect Disneyland
  • Kinect Star Wars
  • Sesame Street: Once upon a Monster (WHY??)
  • Kinect Fun Labs
  • Kinect Sports: Season 2
  • Dance Central 2
  • Halo 4





-4 EA SPorts titles to feature Kinect support

-The Sims 3 Pets an Family Game Knight 4 to feature Kinect Support

-Mass Effect 3 to also have Kinect for voice control

-ME3 looks EPIC

-Ghost Recon to feature Kinect

-All future Tom Clancy Games to support Kinect

-Voice controlled YouTube and Bing coming to XBL


-UFC Fights coming to Xbox Live

-No Kinect support for Gears 3

-Hoarde mode returning in Gears 3

-RYSE is a hardcore Kinect GAME

-Halo remake confirmed

-Forza 4 will support Kinect for EVERYTHING

-New Fable game coming with Kinect

-Minecraft cooming to Kinect

-Disney coming to Kinect in the form of Disneyland

-New info on Star Wars shown, looking good

-Shovelware coming to Kinect in the form of Sesame Street

-Kinect Fun labs isn't good


-Where are all of the core games?

-Dance Central!!???

-OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! HALO FUCKING 4!!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft is getting more serious about Kinect, but they still showed a lot of casual games. 3rd Parties are getting serious about Kinect as well with Ghost Recon and EA Sports. Gears and Halo CEmake look good as well, but there weren't many new IPs. Tomb Raider looks sexy. Like I said, more core games are coming to Kinect, and this is shown with Star Wars and Fable. Casual games in the form of Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2. Games like Codename Kingdoms should have gotten some screen time thouth, and oh yeah HALO FOUR!!!

Rate their confernece here

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Me3 with kinect enabled looks freaking fun! and dare I say makes me want kinect!!!!!

ME3 looked amazing, so did Tomb Raider. MW3 feels meh.


starcraft - Playing Games = FUN, Talking about Games = SERIOUS

tomb raider is disappointing!

Proudest Platinums - BF: Bad Company, Killzone 2 , Battlefield 3 and GTA4

I lost Microsoft E3 conferece... launch time.

No Halo? Because the others games is expected already.

Edit - The conference is live now... cool I can watch now.

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When does the real conference start? This must be some kind of joke performance?


4 mutliplats really....

Zlejedi said:
When does the real conference start? This must be some kind of joke performance?

This is the real confernece

What I see until now...

- YouTube coming to XBL
- Bing is coming to Xbox
- Xbox Live TV
- New dashboard
- Live UFC events coming to Xbox Live
- Gears 3

20 mim of conference.

I can say I undertood right...

- Halo HD with Kinect