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Oh, there's quite a list of games for me that I'd not play for free. Some games I have tried in the past, and I don't care for them. The list, while incomplete, includes:

  • Any MMO. I tried Everquest, and it was okay, but I've seen too many people's lives eaten by them.
  • Any sports game. I could never get them to do what I want them to. They'd always do something else...
  • Almost any FPS. Just not my style of game. I think what I ultimately want for how I'd play them is a mouse/controller hybrid. (I'd probably give a more niche Wii one like Conduit a shot for free.)
  • Any 'Imagine' game. No, I don't want to be a vet. I don't want to take students on a class trip. I don't want any of them. This extends to things like 'Babiez', 'Horsez', etc.
  • Any GTA game. When violence is the only thing to do in your game, I don't want it. By extension, this will also include any Rockstar game, since I don't want to support them in any way
  • Final Fantasies 8, 10, 10-2, and 13. I already want the time I spent playing these back... even if it wasn't much.
  • Any incomplete game. If your game reeks of things cut out for paid DLC, or is known to be bug-laden, then I won't get myself started to be forcefully removed later.

I may add to this if I think of more, too...


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I can't think of any except for Perfect Dark Zero. I paid for it and its the only game in my collection that I have yet to complete the first level of. Its boring, its ridiculous. Its shit. I actually went back to the game and tried it for like 7 times, yet to complete the first level. On the easiest difficulty as well.

Most boring game ever.

Ajescent said:
VXIII said:

FIFA 2005 2006 2007 2008 .... / PES 2005 2006 2007 2008 .... you got the point .

Not a football fan?

I don't need to get every year's release to be a fan , but yeah I'm not a soccer fan , I really dislike it to be honest.

Strategy games (real time and turnbased)
90 % of all FPS games being released
Most JRPG (turnbased and/or random enocunters)
Sports games (driving games included)
Most Third Person action games(Ninja Gaiden, the new Castlevania, Bayonetta etc etc.)

There are a lot of games i dont play.

Any Fifa game

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Killzone 2!

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"Realistic" FPSs, or any FPS on a console.


I'll take Unreal, Quake, Doom, Serious Sam, Half-Life. Stuff like that. And stuff that's actually realistic like Counter-Strike, America's Army, ArmA? That's cool too.

No CoD after CoD4 , no MoH, Battlefield: Bad Company (main series is fine). Oh, and Killzone 2 was GARBAGE. I wouldn't play that if you paid me.


Any JRPG excluding Fire Emblem, but it's WAY different than most anyway.

Strippoker with D21lewis and badgenome... but boy I was tempted...


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The Fable series. The first game was so damn atrocious I wouldn't even accept money to play the second or third.

I would never auto-ban myself from experience any kind of entertainment piece and make a judgement about it before playing it...but it another universe, that game I would never play is Call of Duty. 

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