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I haven't really seen much of any of these users, but I feel I have to vote for Mr. T-Tar because his avatar is easily the best of them.

I am currently sigless.

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My vote goes to: Rainbow Yoshi like the avatar!

How long has this been going on? I should have signed up

Rainbow Yoshi!!

Rainbow Yoshi FTW!!

Rainbow Yoshi

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Ninpanda said:

Well, this turned out rather oddly. I was sure Wagram, M.U.G.E.N and/or Beuli2 would make it to the finale.

MrT-Tar has my vote.

Wow, those guys were newcomers?

I agree, it's odd that they make it to the semi finals at least - those guys were on fire this year

(not that I would have voted for them here )

Rainbow Yoshi...cool avatar...and I was forced to, err, I mean I came here on my own and voted for him.

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Rainbow Yoshi, like last round, :P.


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i vote for my friend from MKWii league Rainbow yoshi

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Vote toll is currently 5-1-8-3 in order of the user names in the OP. Keep those votes coming!