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ESPN's staff is picking the Packers to win the Super at roughly a 2-1 margin.  There is only one conclusion to draw from this:

We are screwed.

Steelers to win it all.   May my post-season streak continue!

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I'm delighted to have been wrong!

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers. I don't care what anyone says, the Packers deserved it. I picked PIT to win it all, I'm kinda happy that GB won b/c I think they play very good all season and they managed to win games with injuries. 

This NFL Prdiction League was fun, hopefully Nordlead or someone else will host this next season. Let's all hope that there will be no lock-out next season.


Hehe not much to say Lombardi Trophy back to where it belongs . Just as I predicted at the start of the year :P

Well, Roethlisberger stunk to the high heavens, didn't he? 

The Steelers deserved to lose.

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