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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is It Possible For GT5 To OutSell Halo Reach Lifetime?...I Think So!

Do You Think Halo Reach Can Beat GT5 Sales Wise WW Lifetime?


GT1 10.8M

GT2 9.3

GT3 14.9


GTP 3.7 by VGC


Halo 6.4

Halo2 8.4

Halo3 11.1

Halo ODST 5.2


Reach releases 9/1410 World wide

GT5 releases 11/2/10 NA JP EU unknown


Me and my very best best friend were having a argument on which will sell more he insist it will be Reach.  I initially thought GT5 would outsell it by end of 2010 i had thought it would release in JP around June as thats what the rumors where from last year but adding 3D Move have pushed it back.  I believe GT5 will eventually outsell Reach WW Lifetime simply because its the 1st GT game for this gen and GT is the mother of all sim racers (you know wanting to drive real licensed cars that drive the way they do in real life) adding 3D and Move aint hurting it either. I think Reach will be hurt b/c its just a FPS and the franchise is losing something especially now with all these other great FPS out like KZ, COD, Crysis, Rage, and on and on have come.


Post what you think and why


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GT 5 will win, because it will keep on selling and keep on selling even longer than Halo

Lifetime, GT5 will have more legs than Halo...besides...Halo has a lot of competition this year...with Call Of Duty Black Ops and Medal Of Honor....

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I think the question should be, is it possible for Halo to outsell GT lifetime?

I think it will be close. They are both flagship franchises. In favour of Halo is the fact that the main line games have increased in sales with each succeeding game. GT franchise has oscillated up and down, though because of what GT5 is in the scheme of the franchise it should be well up there.

Reach can get the world record for week 1 sales for a console exclusive I think. And it'll keep it for a long time too.

Given the uncertainty with SW sales (greater uncertainty than HW I think) I'm going to say that there won't be a statistically significant difference. Unless of course one considers only the publisher's shipped to retail figures which will be pin point accurate.

My gut says Reach will beat Halo 3, I don't think ODST's sales really indicate any sort of decline. It's an expansion pack and expansions never sell as well as the main game. I'm not sure GT6 is goiong to cross 11 million LTD with the likely LTD PS3 install base of somewhere between 50 and 70 million.

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GT5 will outsell it 2 years after its released. Initially Halo Reach will have far higher sales but GT will have better legs.


No. Reach's first month figures will bear a close resemblence to GT5's lifetime figures.

In all honesty i think GT5 will outsell halo, millions of people actually buy consoles just to play gt games...

RAZurrection said:

No. Reach's first month figures will bear a close resemblence to GT5's lifetime figures.


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