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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is It Possible 4 The PS3 To Sell 100M B4 It's Off The Market?... I Think So - UPDATE 85 Millionz Reached


Will The PS3 Sell 100M Before Its off The Market?

no Wii will always be ahead 56 38.89%
iz possible 46 31.94%
yes number 1 console of 7th gen 39 27.08%


Is It Possible For The PS3 To Sell 100 Million Before It's Off The Market?



PS1 Sales

Released 1994-1995--2005

Total 102m


PS2 sales

Released 2000--

 vgc data          

2000 5.6m      

2001 16m       

2002 21m       

2003 19m       

2004 16m      

2005 18m       

2006 13m       

2007 10m      

2008 6m          

2009 4m         

(Total 132m or 140m The PS2 is the best-selling console to date!!) ps2 shipments at 155m shipped as of march 2012



Release 2006--

2006 1m

2007 (7m) 8m

2008 (9m) 10.2m

2009 (12m) 13m

2010 13.9m

2011 14.7m

2012 12.1m

2013 8.2m

2014 3.5m


Total as of last week 31.8 Sold   there 33.5 shipped as of end of 09 so we could assume that those exrta will get sold eventually

data in () indicates data at time thread was made

Other Tips

Sony usually keeps ther console on the market for 10yrs and while those numbers for 2006-2009 may seem lackluster to most keep in mind sony's heavy hittin games like FF, GT, GoW, and other new exclusives like Agent havent released yet, also that PS3 just reached the 299$ price point and had stiff competition this gen with MS releasing there console earlier and at a lower price piont.  So there could be massive sales still to come as noted a 3m jump in 09 mostly do to the price drop to 299$, what will happen when it reaches 199$ the PS3 has shown that it's capable of selling over 12m even at a 299$ price piont the 360 has'nt still even with a 199$ price tag.



I believe that it will pass 100m sold or shipped what ever you want to count, I believe that what really slowed down the PS2 sales was the fact that this gen started in 2005 which i believe slowed down the PS2 sales considerably resulting in only really 5 good solid years of sales. I don't think this will happen to the PS3 3-4 years have already passed for it and has reached 33.5 shipped and i believe that before this year ends it will have shipped close to 50m, so it will be half way there.  

I dont see new consoles releasing till atleast 2013 or 2014 or even later so that will mean that the PS3 will have about 3-4 more years (after 2010) without having a newer gen console cut into it's sales it also will have 6yrs were it should be on the market.  I believe that for 2011- 2014 it will have an average of 12m sales a year so by end of 2014 it will have shipped/sold another 48m on top of the close to 50m that i believe it will do by end of 2010 meaning that by end of 2014 it should be close to 95-98m shipped leaving two more years for it to pass the 100m, no problem it should be able to sell 2-4m a year in 2015 and 2016 by then the console should be at 150$-99$.


Post If you think it will pass 100m

If you dont think it will pass 100m post where you think it will end up with some reasoning

Thank you


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The PS3 isn't going to sell more than 15 million (absolute max) in any one year (calendar or fiscal).

2010 - 15mil

2011 - 12mil

2012 - 11mil

2013 - 8mil

2014 - 4mil

~32mil + ~50mil = PS3 should just break 80mil lifetime, and I'm probably being quite optimistic indeed.

Is it possible? Yes.

Will it likely happen? No.

As twesterm says...

Possible - Yes
Likely - Not so much

I really hope it does happen though


The PS3's 4th year hasn't even matched the PS2's 2nd year. It's sold just over 30 million in just over 3 years. It would need to keep up the 10 million/year average for 7 more years. And since it's not the market leader, it won't last 10 years, no matter what Sony says. Just because they'll be supporting it into the next gen doesn't mean customers will be when they have 3 new home consoles to choose from, 2 new handhelds to choose from, and the Wii has a userbase of well over 100 million by then.

But like wholikeswood said, 80 million is possible and would be a damn good success for a 2nd or 3rd place console. It's definitely blowing away the DreamCast, XBox, GameCube, etc.

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$98 PS3 would do it.

Carl2291 said:
As twesterm says...

Possible - Yes
Likely - Not so much

I really hope it does happen though


It won't happen, especially the PS2 had quite a monopole position in the last generation which the PS3 does not. Not only did Nintendo stole all the casuals, even the hardcore base is pretty much shared between PS3 and XBox 360 thanks to Microsofts aggressive efforts in this gen.


yes , 10 million / year is quite feasable, since the PS3 has not even yet reached it's lowest market price which I think in 2014 or 2015 of $99.99 to $149.99 due to price scale in it's last year's of it's support cycle. also the PS3 just released in some countries as of late 2008 to some even as late as jan 2010! so by then in some place's the PS3 would have only been on the market for 6 to 8 year's.
so on a year by year support  it's quite feasable in my opinion.

the ps3 is shipped to 36 countries world wide , that's quite a bit of logistic's not to mention not all of them got the PS3 in the same year.

if you think that's

a total # of systems 277,777 per /year per region

per region every year for 10 year's,

yes not every region would reach that ammount but other's may infact buy more that that per year!

that is quite doable in my opinion



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It could but I have doubts. And average of 12 million from 2011 - 2014 seems quite hard.

I'm think that the PS3 will last until 2017 and by then it'll reach 100 million, but as I said it could do it before.

Nope, won't happen.

PS1 and PS2 were the winners of their generation and by quite a large margin.

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