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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: BotW Sells 16.34 Million on Switch, Link’s Awakening Sells 4.19 Million

    in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago by xMetroid

    We can already tell Botw left a big impact on the industry. There is so many games like it coming. Not only from indie and that chinese game but also Ubisoft. ...

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    Best decade for gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by curl-6

    Burning Typhoon said: 2000sGaming gets more refined over time, however, many games as of late are just remasters or remakes of games from the 2000s, or earlier. This current generation of games was basically exactly the same as the last, except with better graphics. GTAV was on PS3. So was last of us, beyond: two souls, God of War 3, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Ultra Street Fighter IV and...

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    What would make you interested in getting a VR headset?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2020 by vivster

    DonFerrari said: vivster said: I mean I did play it for like 100h and multiple runs, but that's only due to lack of alternatives. It has a terrible leveling system and the design of the world is more than drab. If I want to fully immerse myself in a VR world I'd like it to be prettier and more exciting than the real world. I would play FF15 VR but that's basically just the Skyrim...

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    Twilight Princess vs Skyward Sword

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 March 2020 by h2ohno

    In hindsight, the biggest importance Twilight Princess has for the franchise is that it allowed the fandom to finally move past Ocarina of Time. It scratched the 'mature adult Link' itch enough that future games were allowed to experiment more with their art styles and change up the formula more. ...

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    [Free on STEAM] Tomb Raider and Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2020 by Chazore

    I already own TR 2013, but I might grab ToO. Also had to go tell my gal to go grab these, since more free games is always good for a grab. ...

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    EA: "There isn't much room for other titles than 1st party on Switch"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 February 2020 by KrspaceT

    Podings said: Same as usual from EA.But I get it. Nintendo players are hard to reach with games like FIFA and Madden NFL that mostly just promise you to be cool by association.You have to really make something that's great fun to play and (even if just occasionally) feels new. Honestly just functioning properly and fully would work: Overwatch isn't cross play but I've never had...

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    gamrConnect Presents: Their 1130 Greatest Games, as of 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2020 by Mar1217

    I would've like to look at the list actually ... but my web browser refuse to load the tablet correctly since there's too much going on,lol. ...

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    This place is getting deserted, and we have to do something about it

    in Website Topics on 05 February 2020 by CGI-Quality

    melbye said: Letting posts like this stand without any consequences is one of the reasons that i am losing interest And I'm just learning of that post.  ...

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    Star Wars Episode 9 currently the 3rd lowest reviewed movie in the series by critics

    in Movies Discussion on 12 January 2020 by padib

    I thought that this was really interesting. (and extremely tongue-in-cheek funny) ...

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    Nintendo Switch accomplishes the sweep in the USA in 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 10 January 2020 by Ryng

    Dante9 said: Calm down, people. Nintendo can sweep the next 5 years, who cares? Stupid dick measuring contest. I love comparing dicks, mine is 19cm :) ...

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    The Evergrowing Backlog of 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 December 2019 by melbye

    On Switch: Celeste Deadly Premonition Turok Turok 2 Saturday Morning RPG Slime San Hollow Knight Ni No Kuni The Witcher 3 On PS4: Final Fantasy X/X2 Red Dead Redemption 2 ...

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    So I just noticed...Gamerankings disappeared....

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2019 by theRepublic

    Azzanation said: SammyGiireal said: Gamerankings was dedicated to gaming and had a better, deeper catalogue of titles from even the 16-bit era. I havnt checked but i throught Metacritic did as well.  Thats a shame, Maybe Metacritic can gain access to Gamerankings archives and use the missing info into there own site. I just checked some SNES games I know...

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    The Game Awards 2019 Winners

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2019 by SanAndreasX

    I love how Fire Emblem: Three Houses won in the player voting even though it wasn't in the running for GOTY. One reason I've always disliked the Video Game Awards is because the GOTY and the awards in general are almost always skewed toward EA, Activision, Take-Two, or Hideo Kojima. ...

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    Top 12 GameCube Games Ever!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 December 2019 by padib

    The gamecube was a console way ahead of its time, the things coming out for it bend the rules so hard, it was hard for Nintendo fans to fully appreciate it. Some of us were not so happy about Wind Waker at first, until the sheer quality of the game charmed us back. Nowadays, colors and rule-defying game mechanics are common, but back then all this was almost so new people didn't know what to do...

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    Let's talk Metroid ( New Poll Added: Samus goes to Hollywood? )

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 December 2019 by Wyrdness


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    Best Luigi's Mansion game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 November 2019 by Wman1996

    The first had the best atmosphere and controls. The second brought a lot of innovations to the series and brought it to a lot of players. The third smoothed out a lot of problems of the second will having some design callbacks to the original game. I don't know where it will rank in the long run, but right now I say it's the best. I smiled many times in the game, and it made me feel like a kid...

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    Would you pass on a game due to its art style?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 November 2019 by Spike0503

    Dulfite said: I have passed on many games due to the realistic art style, so yes I would. Games are meant to let your imagination explore and give you escapism from real life, so I'm not sure why so many are attempting to replicate reality visually. But they sell lots so I guess I'm in the minority, oh well. Though I disagree, I definitely see your point. The thing is though, I want...

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    Just picked up an old CRT TV and holy moly this is a gamechanger

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 November 2019 by QUAKECore89

    If only widescreen CRT TV branded by SONY is available from the flea market, boy this one i demand and it's hard to look around. ...

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    How bout dat Blizzard!? UPDATE: Blizzard responds with "China isn't involved please believe us!"

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 October 2019 by Azzanation

    Lonely_Dolphin said: You're fine with being a laughably wrong ignorant and hypocritical corporate slave? That's cool with me. Since you don't know when to stop for your own good, I'll let you take the last word since that's clearly your only purpose at this point. Thanks for the honour, however I stopped caring about this debate the moment I found out you don't even care for...

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    Nintendo's game output is improving but still pathetic compared to Wii/DS era

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 October 2019 by Pavolink

    My guess is that, considering this time they have some third party support, the console still has an overall appealing library and there's no rush to release a game from every IP they have On top of that, I wouldn't be sure of the existence of a lot of mid-tier Wii/DS similar projects. Iirc, Another Code R for example won't happen, neither Sin & Punishment, 2 Metroid games and a good Trilogy,...

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