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    Project Oswald - endless runner/shooter that I developed

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 01 October 2015

    Hi everyone! For the last couple of months a small group of us have been working on a game called Project Oswald. It is an endless run and gun. It is finally ready for release, and is now available on the Google Play Store for Android, and will be available on the App Store for iOS in the next few days. It is free to play, but does have ads and some in-app purchases, but I think we have been very...

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    Amazon's Goldbox Deals 1/18/2011 - Gamer's Day

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 23 January 2011

    Today (1/18/2011) Amazon's Goldbox deals will all feature video game products. There's 13 in all: the daily deal (which is Epic Mickey for Wii, only $29.99), and 12 lightening deals which last an hour or two before expiring. Just guessing, but it looks like these games will be on sale (all times Pacific): 6am - Star Wars Forced Unleased 28am - ???9am - Red Dead Redemption DLC Pack of some...

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    Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 & 3 for $39.99. Good Deal?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 16 January 2009

    Amazon is having a deal, buy Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party for $39.99 and get Rayman Raving Rabbids for free. I don't have either games, so I was wondering if I should get them. Deal runs through the end of Jan 17th. Here's a link. If Nordlead could create the link for the VGChartz store that would be great. So what do you guys think?...

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    Gamer's Day in Amazon's Gold Box Deals

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 12 January 2009

    Though everyone should know that Amazon is holding a Gamer's day with their Gold Box deals. Here are the games that will be going on sale (or the guess of what will be going on sale): All Day: The "My Coach Series" for DS Times - Game or Hint - Guess if Hint Until 11am - Littlest Pet Shop: Garden11am-2pm - "A PS3 Game that dreams are made of." - No idea. LBP?2pm-3pm - "This should hold you...

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    Adding WiiSpeak "Voice Chat" to Previously Released Games

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 08 January 2009

    As we all know, many Wii online games do not have voice chat. Some take this as a great insult. Others don't really care. I, for one, pretty much don't care either way. Voice chat in games like Mario Kart or Brawl would just turn into a swearing-fest anyway, so I would think "why bother, I know they are swearing at me when I release this blue shell, just like I swear everything I go around a...

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    Taking a Look Back: 2008 Sales Predictions

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 08 January 2009

    Well, it's that time of year. A new year has begun, so it's time to look back and see how close your sales predictions were (or are... hmm). Here are my sales predictions for 2008, and some of the reasons they are what they are. These predictions were made sometime in March if I'm not mistaken. Predictions for end of 2008 (2008 totals): Wii: 44.48 million (25.15 million) - At the time I made...

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    Buy 2, Get 1 Free Activision Wii Game on Amazon

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 18 December 2008

    Seems Amazon is having a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" on a select Activision titles. Here is a list of the games you can get. Call of Duty: World at WarGuitar Hero: World Tour (game only)Guitar Hero III (game only)James Bond 007: Quatum of SolaceSpider-Man: Web of ShadowsLegend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon The rest are not quite as good (or least, they don't interest me): Madagascar 2: Escape to...

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    Can the Wii Reach 50% Before Years End?

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 16 December 2008

    It's once again time to examine whether the Wii can reach 50% before the end of the year, especially with NPD's numbers showing an extreme amount of Wii's sold compared to PS3+360s in November (nearly 2:1). Obviously, it's never whether the Wii can make it, it's whether Nintendo can ship enough. Here are some graphs showing November through the week for which we have data (week ending Dec 6th)...

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    Amazon Wii Games - Deal of the Day

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 04 December 2008

    Amazon is having a few Gold Box deals on certain Wii games throughout the day. The all day special is Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed for $25 bucks. I'm pretty sure most of the hourly deals are going to be social games, like one looks to be High School Musical later in the day (you can try and guess what they are by the hint...). Some may be good, some may not be. Either way, I'm pretty sure you...

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    Why is the Inferior Wii So Popular?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 05 December 2008

    mod edit: Friendly warning, if you read this article there is a high probability you will want that 3 minutes of your life back. (-Sqrl)

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    IGN Reviews Spore - 8.8

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 06 September 2008

    Closing CommentsI think that Maxis has made an impressive product that does so many incredible things. Spore will serve as an introduction to gaming for many; it's clear that many nontraditional gamers will check it out. As such, this feels sort of like a sampler plate to gaming, introducing newcomers to the different types of gameplay out there. But much more than that, Spore will make you think...

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    Casuals are taking over the world!

    in General Discussion, last active on on 18 August 2008

    The other day I was sitting around at work on my break, and I was casually thinking about some stuff... then it hit me! Casuals are taking over the world! My thinking had already gone casual! The casuals were in my head! Then I noticed a poster for crew uniforms, and one of the uniforms were of the "casual dress" sort. Now our uniforms are casual! Then I realized, so many things in life have gone...

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    Why 3rd Parties Canít (And Probably Wonít) Succeed on the Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 22 June 2008

    So the question that has been going around for a while now is: can 3rd parties find success on the Wii, or does Nintendo completely own the software market for the console? Well I’m here to give you a solid answer to this question. And that answer is a definite maybe. For many, the fact that the top selling games on the Wii are all Nintendo games is a major concern. For others, the...

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    EA understands the Wii better than other developers - EA Sports titles

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 04 June 2008

    I was reading July's edition of Nintendo Power, and there's a section about the EA Sports title games. They had an interview with the executive producer David McCarthy. Now I'm not going to post all of it, because I'm not even sure if I'd be allowed to do that, and it's way to long to do so anyway. It might be available online somewhere, but I have slow dial up internet and I can't be bothered to...

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    Updated Sales Comparisons

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 01 May 2008

    A few months ago I started working on a sales comparisons of the home consoles for which we have data. Links to the files were available in my signature. Since they were relatively popular, and for my own personal uses, I decided I'd go ahead and update them to include recent sales, along add some different methods of comparisons. I've also added different formats, so that everyone can view them...

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    Things that 10.1 Billion Dollars Could Do

    in General Discussion, last active on on 20 April 2008

    Don't arrest, invest What ending the War on Drugs can buy by Justin Hartfield Jeffery A. Miron finds that by decriminalizing cannabis, the federal government would generate $2.4 billion in federal tax revenue annually, and that an additional $7.7 billion would be saved as the cost of incarceration, policing, and processing offenders. Now, that's too much money to for...

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    Marioboys reach new heights... Recreate theme song through bottles...

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 16 April 2008

    Link. I wouldn't want to think about how long that took to do. Pretty good though.Can't embed. I fail. ...

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    I'm buying a new router; Any suggestions?

    in General Discussion, last active on on 19 March 2008

    I have been thinking of getting a new router for a while now. My Belkin router which is about two years old has been acting oddly for a while now. Sometimes I can't get connected to it, and the only remedy is to unplug the router and plug it back in. It happens to my computer, my roommates computer, and my DS/Wii, so I'd assume it's my router. Also, now that I have Brawl, I've been noticing...

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    The Unofficial Offical Others Thread - Week Ending Feb 29th

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 03 March 2008

    Man that DS thew me off. I was like 90% off for all the consoles, except for the DS, which had a pretty nice rise this week. Or at least I will be (I believe when quickly looking at the numbers) once the prediction league is updated. Wii and PS3 dropped slightly. Not bad.360 rose a bit.And PSP stayed the same.I wonder why the big hike in DS sales.Can't wait for the software sales. Should be...

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    Effects of Competition on Console Sales: Your Opinion?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 27 February 2008

    I'm working on an article about the effects of competition on the different consoles on the market. As it seems people are evenly split between whether the Wii competes directly or indirectly with the other two, I thought I'd round up everyone's opinion in one thread.This is merely a thread about your opinion on the subject. As such, I'd ask that no one go all out to disprove any other person,...

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