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    PS Now could be an awesome service if it wasn't for Sony.

    in Sony Discussion 8 hours ago by Mr Puggsly

    DonFerrari said: Mr Puggsly said: 1. Revenue in long running IPs has ups and downs. My example was Gran Turismo, its way down in sales. However, the current budget might be bigger than ever because it still sells well enough and more attention is put into visual fidelity. Sure it have ups and downs. GT haven't sold lower than 6M so far, and that seems enough to pay for the game....

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    Monthly Steam hardware survey analysis

    in PC Discussion 1 day ago by JEMC

    Conina said: JEMC said: I'm surprised how popular the Index HMD is, but I'm sure giving away Half Life: Alyx has something to do with that. Giving away a $40 - $50 game if you invest $500 - $1000... I don't know if that is really a deciding factor for such an investment. That was poorly worded from my side. What I meant to say is that for hardcore Half Life fans that...

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    The Witcher 3 UPDATE brings cross-save and graphic options on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by SKMBlake

    Ok I spent the whole day playing it with my girlfriend, with sharpening filter to max and disabled AA, it really looks stunning even on the big screen, and I even wonder how such a small tablet can run the game ...

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    PS5 GDC Reveal and PS5 specs/performance Digital Foundry Video analysis : 3.5 Ghz 8 core Zen 2 CPU along with 10.3 TF RDNA 2 RT capable and 16GB GDDR6 RAM and also super crazy fast 5.5 GB/Second S

    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by alexxonne

    Pemalite said: 1) Granted I am playing with semantics, obviously we are talking about dedicated graphics memory which is of the GDDR variant. 2) The framed context of your statements made it sound like you were asserting that RAM is NAND. They are separate entities... Different technologies. Those sticks are server products, not consumer commodity sticks anyway. Again,...

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    Staring into the abyss of a world where Nintendo has no games scheduled for release. Edit: The Time of Darkness Has Arrived

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago by DélioPT

    Cerebralbore101 said: DélioPT said: Ok, let's forget reused codes and whatnot. MK8 and Zelda are ports.Doesn't matter if Zelda released at the same time on both systems - we don't even know if the Switch version delayed the release of the Wii U game. It probably did.Zelda Switch was an afterthought. Had the game been built exclusively for it, it wouldn't have released in...

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    PS4 Dreams Review Thread (88 Metacritic /90 Opencritic Average)

    in Sony Discussion on 28 March 2020 by KazumaKiryu

    JuliusHackebeil said: I just wanted to share that in my estimation, this is one of the most daring, experimental, deepest, best thought through, most pleasing, relaxing, engaging, educational, fun, important games one could possibly play. interesting to hear and thanks for your opinion :) ...

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    Report: Sony looking to acquire Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill IP's from Konami, Kojima involvement planned

    in Sony Discussion on 25 March 2020 by DonFerrari

    method114 said: Leynos said: Shocker this rumor was bullshit lol. No new Silent Hill. Konami shot that down I think that was a different rumor about Konami looking to reboot the series. Not about whether Sony was attempting to acquire the IP's. Anyway companies deny all rumors until they formally announce something ...

    Write 21

    I never want to play Nintendo Switch in handheld mode again...

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2020 by d21lewis

    I may have read the op too fast and overlooked it but does it have motion control and rumble? ...

    Write 194

    Sony is going to mess up this Gen

    in Sony Discussion on 22 March 2020 by DonFerrari

    taus90 said: method114 said: I don't feel Sony messed anything up here other than releasing a weaker console. Even then depending on the price of the Xbox series X they might not have even done that. It does bother me that Sony has the weaker console though I wont lie. At the end of the day though I just don't enjoy the games Xbox has I can't think of any must play games that Xbox...

    Write 125

    Bet: Which next-gen console will be more powerful?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2020 by trunkswd

    d21lewis said: trunkswd said: I don't remember them saying it would take PC 10 years to catch up. That's crazy talk. No way the most powerful console will be able to keep up with PC. Specs are always improving.  I'm impressed with the little Microsoft has shown off. Gears 5 looks a fair bit better in Xbox Series X than it does on Xbox One X, despite only a couple weeks of...

    Write 174

    Sony World Wide Studio Boss Hermen Hulst Q&A - Confirms Horizon Zero Dawn Coming To PC This Summer

    in Sony Discussion on 18 March 2020 by Cerebralbore101

    Azzanation said: Cerebralbore101 said: Phil clearly shifted the goal post when Xbox started losing. You aren't just claiming that you don't need a console to make a fortune in gaming. You are claiming that getting rid of exclusives, and selling your games on all platforms will make more money in the long run, than using exclusives to push console sales. And we already had that...

    Write 66

    New PS4's ad : The Best Place to Play (2020)

    in Sony Discussion on 17 March 2020 by KazumaKiryu

    Keiji said: As you can see we have Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game that was the reason why Cyberpunk 2077 got pushed back. great tv spot, i like it :) so many awesome games this year! ...

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    Rumor: E3 might be canceled after all, EDIT : CONFIRMED (To be announced today March 11 at 9:30 AM LA time)

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2020 by sales2099

    vivster said: sales2099 said: I think it’s more then that. Collectively all the developers that gather have greater exposure on them as opposed to each one doing an individual announcement reveal. Most gamers aren’t glued to every little bit of industry news. But E3 has always managed to have more mainstream outreach.  Like I only care about the MS conference but...

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    Witcher 3 vs Skyrim

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2020 by Metallox

    victor83fernandes said: Huh? I think you got me confused with someone else, I never mentioned sales. Didn't even read the rest. No, I didn't confuse you with someone else, kiddo. If I brought up sales is to explain that interest in the first two Witcher games has increased since the release of 3.  ...

    Write 51

    Building a PC and need suggestions *UPDATE: Choosen it*

    in PC Discussion on 12 March 2020 by SpokenTruth

    Pemalite said: goopy20 said: Dude, why didn't you wait till Nvidia and AMD dropped their new gpu's later this year?! There is always better hardware coming on PC. Every 6-or-so months give or take as nVidia, Intel and AMD take turns in releasing.If we were to wait on every new piece of hardware... We would end up buying nothing.Always buy the best you can afford at the time,...

    Write 3284

    Football Thread 19/20 Football is (temporarily) cancelled :(

    in Sports Discussion on 12 March 2020 by KiigelHeart

    Dat Premier League dominance though. ...

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    Switch can't/won't outsell DS because...........

    in Sales Discussion on 11 March 2020 by DarthMetalliCube

    DS was somewhat of a lightning in a bottle type phenom, especially in Japan where it just caught fire. So no I don't think Switch will outsell DS, especially given the hardware's slew of models and handheld-exclusive focus. Still, I do think it has a good shot of getting closer than most think. Its library is already ridiculous, and its portable nature/multiple models means that some will likely...

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    Would you be willing to pay more than the "$60" pricetag for a game today?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2020 by Quartz

    Q:"Would you be willing to pay more than the "$60" pricetag for a game today?" Personally no. I usually wait until a price drop which can happen quite fast.. unless the game is called 'Octopath Traveler' ;). Jokes aside there are so many great games out there to play I am in no rush to go out and buy a game on day one. Still, if you can get near $1 an hour gameplay out of the game then I'd say...

    Write 716


    in Politics Discussion on 05 March 2020 by Quartz

    I voted bexit.  Your comment of "Anyone with any racist or discriminitave tendencies all voted Brexit its a diagrace" just goes to show that you have a bias and simply disagree to the point of name calling. ...

    Write 6

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo - Digital Foundry analysis

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2020 by Decker

    This build was apparently from November so that's not even taking account of the last few months and the extra month delay for extra polishing. ...

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