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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 35 minutes ago by green_sky

    Linus reviews seem so dumb compared to other videos. I guess it works for alot and for him. ...

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

    in General Discussion 2 hours ago by EricHiggin

    LurkerJ said: COVID situation is terrible in many European countries, population adjusted, they're pretty similar actually to the US. Not sure why the states are being mocked when many countries in the west aren't doing much better? SvennoJ said: Are the states still being mocked? It's just Trump who keeps spreading nonsense.Adjusted for population for last week numbersUSA: Avg...

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    VGShare: Post your screenshots, gameplay videos, and more!

    in Gaming Discussion 5 hours ago by TruckOSaurus

    mZuzek said: Did a pretty cool thing in Ori.

    pop off pic.twitter.com/fNnTBHwZtW — mZuzek (@mzuzek_vol2) October 27, 2020

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 5 hours ago by Eagle367

    Is maybe a simp for cats ...

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    The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

    in Website Topics 5 days ago by PortisheadBiscuit

    These ads are making it almost impossible to browse this site, huge ad on the top of the page and bottom leaving like an inch worth of browsing space. I understand Motorola is trying to see sell the Z flip but I dont want one ...

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    Can the PS4 keep its 50% Market Share even if the NX is included?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 October 2020 by Dulfite

    javi741 said: I find it amazing how people quickly forget how bad of a state Nintendo looked like in 2016 with the Wii U, many people today think the Switch was expected to succeed before launch. However, at the time that was clearly not the case, most people had the Switch only selling 20-40M in it's lifetime with some thinking it'll fail again like the Wii U. Whoever thought this system...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion on 14 October 2020 by PAOerfulone

    Mi Reina, como te extraño. ...

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    Apple removes Fortnite from app store, cant connect to servers. Epic Games Sues.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2020 by Rhonin the wizard

    There was a hearing today with the judge regarding the preliminary injunction. Some snippets in this Twitter thread https://twitter.com/b_fung/status/1310624008979783685 Things are not looking good for Epic. Edit: Here's another one, with a few more quotes. And a video from a lawyer going over it. ...

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    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics on 15 August 2020 by CGI-Quality

    As before, this thread has been an experiment unlike any other on the site. However, after some considerable discussion with other moderators, the mods agree that The Moderator Thread has run its course. Its benefits, as with previous mod threads, just do not exist anymore.Here are a few things that lead to this decision:1) This makes Mod Thread number three. It only existed because the previous...

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    Prediction: The Switch will become the best selling console yet!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 August 2020 by The_Liquid_Laser

    Slownenberg said: The_Liquid_Laser said: This FY and next FY are going to be the most important for determining how well this prediction is doing.  Switch total shipments for the FY ending March 2020 were 55.78m.  This FY is going to be the peak and the year after will show us how much of a hold (or drop) Switch is getting after its peak.  Once we see the next two...

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    Can Splatoon Go on and Sell 3mil Lifetime? (Shipped+Digital) [Update: 2.42mil LTD, 80% There]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 August 2020 by noshten

    I remember at Neogaf people were doubting Splatoon, I didn't. In fact, I ended up being slightly wrong as Splatoon didn't make the Top 5 best selling Wii U games but that's mainly because Nintendo pretty much discontinued the Wii U much earlier than I anticipated. Splatoon ended up the 6th best selling game on the Wii U, but it's looking like Splatoon 2 will more than double Wii U...

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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion on 16 June 2020 by Bristow9091

    Snoopy said: 0VEH said: Wow! Great song, production is top notch. Vocals have unique sound. Nice to see horses in the video, which is also the reason for me to post this next one:Horse Attack Sqwad - Kaunis päivä (Beautiful day):https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ScSeHpUv_kk I liked the song overall 9/10. Reminds me of...

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    PS4 VS Switch lifetime sales, which console will sell the most?

    in Sales Discussion on 16 June 2020 by The_Liquid_Laser

    Still think NSW will win by a large margin. How large? The exact numbers at this point depend on how much these companies are willing to cut the price of these systems. Currently Sony and Nintendo are acting as if price cuts have become passe. Will the PS4 get another price cut, and if so to what level? Will the Switch get a price cut...ever? ...

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    Extra Bold: Super Mario Odyssey Will Ship+digital 20mil Lifetime! (17.4mil Currently)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 June 2020 by Pavolink

    BotW is now ahead of Odyssey. Good. ...

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    PS5 To Feature Full Discrete GPU Not APU [RUMOUR]

    in Sony Discussion on 30 May 2020 by Lafiel

    Pemalite said: Sony has gone with a conservative chip size this time around and invested in clockspeeds to increase performance. It's going to be an APU. the PS5 APU size hasn't been revealed yet and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if it's around the same size as the XSX one, as the I/O complex could be pretty massive judging by it's capabilities and it includes...

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    Name ONE unannounced game that would make you instantly preorder a next gen console

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 May 2020 by vonny

    Jak4 from Insomniac ...

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    Your Top Five Favorite Posters

    in General Discussion on 18 May 2020 by Marth

    Now this is quite a level of nercroing... ...

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    Amazon France lists multiple Sony games for PC | Edit: Likely a false alarm

    in PC Discussion on 15 April 2020 by CGI-Quality

    This has been confirmed to be trolls doing this. If and when some of these things prove true (and have no doubt that some of them will prove to be), we can create another topic for it. ...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2020 by CGI-Quality

    With the new one now up, I'll lock this one and we move all discussion there. ...

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    Netflix users what are you currently watching? + News

    in General Discussion on 04 February 2020 by CrazyGamer2017

    Just finished watching Love, Death + Robots. An anthology or collection of unrelated situations in which these three words have a role. All 18 stories are short stories, some are very intense and thought provoking. I really enjoyed this series, you should watch it too. ...

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