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    Props to Wander_, you won. [ZeldaU bet] [UP: We both lost. Thx, Nintendo]

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 27 April 2016

    And I was so sure I got that one after last E3. Feel free to give me my new signature wander_ ..... whoops, you can't :P   Anyways GG...

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    LOL Ninjablade now has a GAF account

    in General Discussion, last active on on 06 September 2014   Let's see if he lasts longer than he did here and if his posts continue to be the same vile bullshit...

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    TONS of new screenshots from Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS released

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 17 April 2014

      Here's a [url=]link to the WiiU screenshots[/url], 3DS screenshots are apparently on flickr. Will update once I found the link^^     UPDATE: As promised, [url=]link to the 3DS...

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    Badges are back?

    in Website Topics, last active on on 28 November 2013

    I just opened my profile and got congratulated for earning a badge. They also show up on my profile. Anyone got an idea why they are suddenly back?...

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    Finally back in civilization, WOO!

    in Website Topics, last active on on 29 September 2013

    Some of you may have wondered where I've been the last month (probably not tho, whatever :P). I've been at a dark place with no internet connection beyond my mobile phone's 500MB capped data plan (Is this how being Australian feels like?), which isn't suited for VGChartz at all... [img],201309161618541VIQ06.jpg[/img] ...the Nuclear Power Plant in Stade,...

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    EA Humble Bundle Giveaway Part 2 - Origin Codes

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 10 November 2013

    Dead Space Origin Key
    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key
    Crysis 2 Maximum Edition...

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    Mirror's Edge Steam Code [ 0M8ZA-BWJ3I-TE2JV ] - Go get it!

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 14 August 2013

    Got it from the Humble Bundle, but I already own the game. To whoever uses the code first - please leave a message in the thread. I'll then edit the thread title and ask for a lock....

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Recommendation Code [Europe only] - save 40Ä! - Given away

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 07 August 2013

    I'll start by giving away my code, but anyone who wishes to do the same with his code is hereby encouraged to use this thread as a platform. (No interest, it seems) Requirement on your part: Register your 3DS XL system between now and 7th October to be eligable. In the past promotions systems registered shortly before the promotion were also accepted, but you'd better check this before asking...

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    Why is VGChartz currently so slow?

    in Website Topics, last active on on 31 July 2013

    It takes me (and Pezus, haven't asked other users yet) over a minute to load, yet loads as fast as ever. Does anyone have an idea what causes the problems on

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    Reminder: Super Smash Bros. Melee @EVO streams are online

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 12 July 2013

    Watch live video from srkevo3 on www.twitch.tvWatch for some pro-gameplay of Melee. Some matches so far have been AWESOME, some were average. Still very entertaining^^...

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    Look what just came in the mail...

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 06 August 2013

    [img],201307121639259FNNN.jpg[/img] Took them two weeks, but my Platinum Copy of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack is finally here. Took me 16 games and two consoles to register, but it's totally worth it *_*...

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    Fake Smash pic of the day!

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 09 July 2013

    [img],smashpic0907131VLKP.png[/img] "Megaman in trouble! An unexpected contender appeared." Like the title said, let's turn this thread into the fake SSB4 pic of the day thread. Just take your best SSBB screenshots, slap the silly logo on them and post them here. How to: Just use the tool...

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    An Unbiased review - Bioshock Infinite (A KHlover review)

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 05 July 2013

    [img][/img] Bioshock Infinite is the third entry in the famous “Bioshock“ series, developed by Irrational Games with assistance of 2K Marin, Human Head Studios and Darkside Game Studios. It was published by 2K Games, the release date being March 26 for the PS3, the Xbox360 and the PC version while the Mac...

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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will hit STEAM this winter!

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 05 July 2013

    The full name being "Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst", the game will include improved visuals (so far only announced for the cutscenes), all DLC released so far and a new storyline featuring the fight of Sasuke and Itachi against Sage Kabuto, who will be an addition to the roaster. I am extremly interested in this game (I hope it will be a good port) and hope they'll...

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    Majority of Gamers Today Canít Finish Level 1 in Super Mario Bros.

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 04 July 2013

    "During a Q&A session, Satoru Iwata revealed why Nintendo’s newer games are easier. Nintendo conducted a test with many gamers and found that most of them were unable to finish the first level in the original Super Mario Bros. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata fielded a question regarding the simplification of games during their 73rd annual stockholder meeting. The following is a...

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    Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Review Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 13 July 2013

    Seems like the first review is out:   Originally Posted by Official Nintendo Magazine UK It's easy for a Dream Team Bros. review to become a list of neat stuff. It's a game that introduces a new idea, mechanic or boss fight every half an hour for around 35 hours- and that's without investing in side content: excavating stat-boosting beans, waking scattered Pi'illos, ...

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    Does anyone want Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? [Locked]

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 29 June 2013

    [img][/img] I recently registered a physical copy of MH3U for the "So many games" promotion and now have a Download key for MH3U to spare. First european member to post will receive the code via PM. Do what you want with it, I don't need it....

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    The NEW official PSP emulation thread [Ours is bigger than NeoGAF's!!!]

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 08 July 2013

    [img][/img] After a short discussion with Axumblade it is finally happening: The official PPSSPP thread is hereby opened. A big THANK YOU to Axumblade for allowing me to try it. Disclaimer: Do NOT ask for instructions on how to obtain pirated copies. This thread is purely about legal emulation. Anyone who asks for links to...

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    Curse you, Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 27 June 2013

    I downloaded Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate recently. Since I also bought Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion I wanted to register the games for the "So many games" promotion. I bought FE and LM retail, so I had no problems to register them. I found no way to register MH3U, so I did some research. As it turns out you have to link your 3DS eshop with your ClubNintendo account, which I ofcourse hadn't done...

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    Pokemon X and Y - Nintendo Developer Roundtable

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 12 June 2013


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