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The lifetime sales of the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and even the Switch have been affected by shortages and other setbacks. FOMO is a real thing, and some will argue that the sales would be pretty similar if there were no shortages.

How much do you think the three major platforms would've sold LTD without any shortages at all and their official price points? We will be looking at sales from when each platform launched until April 30, 2022.

Switch has been affected the least, but even Nintendo says they can't make enough of the darn things to match full demand. 

Switch Total: 107,367,298

No shortages prediction: 115.5 million

PS5 Total: 19,467,776

No shortages prediction: 25.7 million

Xbox Series X/S Total: 14,428,785

No shortages prediction: 18.3 million

Lifetime Sales Predictions 

Switch: 144 million (was 73, then 96, then 113 million, then 125 million)

PS5: 105 million Xbox Series S/X: 60 million

PS4: 120 mil (was 100 then 130 million, then 122 million) Xbox One: 51 mil (was 50 then 55 mil)

3DS: 75.5 mil (was 73, then 77 million)

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