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Slownenberg said:
Darashiva said:

At this pace of adding new games the expansion pack should be worth the money in about two years or so.

One N64 game a month I think is good. I mean there aren't THAT many N64 games. And considering it'll likely mostly be first party stuff that narrows the amount further. There was some data mined info or whatever a couple months ago that seemed to show 38 games planned for the N64. Assuming that list was indeed what they plan to do, that means even at just 1 game a month they'll have put everything from N64 they plan to put on it in just over two years. Once it gets up to 20 games, presumably later this year, it'll be well worth the money, especially considering they'll likely also be regularly adding Genesis games as well.

The thing is, as far as I'm concerned, for this service to be worth the asking price it should have effectively had every single first party N64 title on it at launch, and preferably as many third party titles as possible as well. Pretending that Majora's Mask, a 22-year-old game that has been re-released at least four times since the original on N64, is somehow a selling point for the service is ridiculous, and the same goes for all the other N64 and Genesis games. This exact same thing has played out again and again since the Wii, where Nintendo drip feeds its online service with its old games at a glacial pace, and then when a new console comes around, they start the process all over again with an almost identical list of games every single time. I genuinely cannot fathom how Nintendo thinks doing this is somehow a good thing.