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victor83fernandes said:

5 - Games on Nintendo are not worth full price, because they cant compare graphically and performance wise to the competition, I didnt want a portable, I dont have time to play portable, I only play when I get home, so the switch is severely underpowered compared to my ps5 and even my xbox one X, why would I pay 70 euros for a game on switch in 1080p or less, that is available for 40 euros on the other consoles in 4k?

7 - Disappointing games, the only brand new first party game worth full price is Mario odyssey for the whole generation. Breath of the wild doesn't count as its the exact same as the wiiU, the rest are ports that look no better than the wiiU, or overpriced remasters, or terrible remakes such as link to the past which is not even worth my time, let alone any money. There's no new pikmin, no new wave race, no new 3d donkey kong, no new mario kart, no new zelda, no new metroid prime, no new star fox, and other games such as smash bros, mario tennis, yoshi etc are nowhere near worth full price because they didnt change much from previous versions, its basically copy and paste, with hd graphics.

If the Nintendo games are that disappointing, why bother with pirating at all?

But the thing is, I play for 30+ years now, and I can say the games we remember collectively and that are copied in new games aren't the one that were graphically exciting. Graphically exciting games are made to extract money from the gamers that are easily ensnared by shiny graphics. Other qualities make games that are timeless.

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