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curl-6 said:

Shoutout to everyone in Japan who bought an Xbox One this week. All 7 of you.

Xbox Series manages to lead PS5 in North America again, I wonder if it could reclaim its old home turf from Playstation this gen.

It's entirely possible. Heck, it's likely. The PS4 only outsold the Xbox One by 6.01 million in North America. But PS4 had a massive lead in Europe, Japan, and the rest of the world combined.

The Xbox Series S/X will get easier to find over time, and we'll get games like Halo Infinite. And GamePass is only going to keep growing.

I expect the Series S/X to outsell the Xbox One globally, but I expect the PS5 to sell less globally than the PS4. The lead Sony had in the eighth generation will shrink. 

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